ACT Will Most Likely Be First To Pass R18+ At State Level

ACT's Attorney General Simon Corbell has always been one of the most outspoken AsG in favour of an R18+ rating for Australia, so it makes sense that his state would be the first to put through R18+ legislation at a State level. If all goes to plan, ACT could be the first Australian state to officially pass an adult rating for games.

"The ACT will be the first jurisdiction to progress a bill giving effect to the Commonwealth's decision to implement the R18+ category in Australia," said ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell.

The R18+ bill has already been passed in the House of Representatives, but after the legislation is passed at a Federal level, it is up to each state to implement another level of legislation that will allow the R18+ rating to come into full effect.

"This is part of a national reform that will allow adult gamers to view R18+ material in the same way that can already be done for film and printed material," said Corbell.

The legislation is currently being looked at by the Senate. Considering all Attorneys-General gave the R18+ guidelines the okay at the last SCAG meeting, we expect that all other states will promptly follow ACT's example.

ACT first to move on R18+ games [ABC]


    Great - fireworks, porn AND adult games...
    Bloody ACT! :P

      I guess they figure that if any other states don't pass the law, they stand to make a bit of extra profit on the side selling cross-border.

        Damn, wish I'd read this comment before I posted what I thought was an original joke :P

      I went to the ACT once. I can't imagine living in a place that boring looking. I'd want to jerk off while blowing things up too.

        They can supply you materials at Fyschwick if u want =P


      *cough* I mean, uhhh... Look over there, an explosion in the sky!

        That's EXACTLY what Canberrans want us to think

      We don't have fireworks anymore.

      Plus, every time I go to Sydney, all I see are shady looking 'adult' stores everywhere...? Is there really no porn to be found outside the ACT? :\

      Also, YAY, about time living here paid off.

      Lucrative game export business licence pending!

      Fireworks have been banned by the ACT Labor government.

      Aaaand the cheapest electricity in the country!!

      Fireworks are banned now :(

      If you're resourceful, you can still find some nice Asian people in Fyshwick that will sell you some.

      Im more concern bout LNP in Queensland on this. I hope they support it if not i hope something can implment r18+ rating in Queensland with or without their support on the rating.

      We worked this far to get this implimented and just hope nothing stops to get the rating in our way. Im in QLD and i wish to see the rating in Queensland and other states.

    And yet I still couldn't imagine wanting to live in Canberra...

    Living in Canberra would mean I would have to stare at the colour filter of Terminator: Salvation for the rest of my life.

    No thanks.

      Enjoy thinking that while you choke down some sydney smog and fumes lol

    Is it just me who can see the new Queensland Government being a roadblock?

      Seeing as they actively courted the ACL during the election? Yeah. They're probably going to be one of the bigger hindrances now.

      I was only think that the other day.

      I was thinking this too. Campbell Newmann is fairly open to these sorts of things considered more left wing (eg: he has openly supported Civil Unions/Gay marriage himself, the party line is to not support it I believe), but yes, he was receiving a heap of support from ACL during the election. I do think that with the rest of the country on board, they would not stop it just in QLD. Fingers crossed anyway.

    I'm really hoping WA follows the ACT in this. Given that it's a criminal offence here to own RC games, we're badly in need of reform.

      Can someone confirm that it's actually a criminal offence (rather than civil) to possess RC content? Surely owning a copy of Mortal Kombat from overseas doesn't net you a criminal record in WA... this whole debate is silly enough without that being the case.

        FYI: I've scoured the Classification legislation I can find; I can see the $10 000 penalty for possession but can't confirm whether it's a criminal charge.

          As far as I know there's the fine, and depending on the scale it could also involve jail time. If it's something like Mortal Kombat I doubt anything would actually happen, but we should still be careful.

    Weed used to be legal in ACT not that long ago too, wasn't it?

    I've never quite understood how inter-state legislation worked exactly. I was under the impression that the reason they had more things that were legal there was because federally, Australia had no real problem with fireworks or xxx etc., and it was just specific state laws that brought those in. So as ACT didn’t fall under any of those states they could have them.

      Decriminilaised I think. There is something about being able to grow 2-3 plants that are like 1m tall or some shit like that anyway. Yay for us. Not that anyone would take notice.

    We still haven't received any specifics of what R18+ will truly be.

    Is it simply going to be a rebranding of MA15+ classification or a real R18+ so games like Syndicate, Mortal Kombat don't get RC'd?

    There are going to be major problems if not all of the states and territories choose to implement R18+. I mean think about it. If there exists one place that classifies games, what happens if some states have different classifications? Do game companies have to distribute different versions of the games to different states? Possibly increasing the cost of games in Australia even more... Let's all hope that all the states and territories choose to implement it because we are so screwed otherwise.

      Not really, provided there's one, the interstate commerce clause in the constitution means it is essentially national, as is the case with X18+, which isn't law in any of the states.

    Man, the discussion about this on the radio was rather sad...

    Just being pedantic but the ACT isn't a state, its a territory. They pretty much have to do whatever the federal government tells them since they aren't protected by the constitution.

    So Canberra isn't just one road with Parliament House on the side before the "You are now leaving Canberra, yeah we wish we could too" sign?
    So there's a game shop too. Cool.

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