After Five Crummy Games, Marvel Wants No More Of Sega

"No current plans" is politespeak for "this ballgame is over." And that was the reply given by Marvel's senior executive responsible for video games production, when asked what the future holds for the publishing label and Sega.

"There are no current plans for additional Marvel games to be published by Sega," T.Q. Jefferson told The Hollywood Reporter. Sega was behind the last two Iron Man games (Metacritic 42),Thor (39) Incredible Hulk) (55), and Captain America (rebounding to a 60).

"The biggest afflictions affecting movie-licensed games is the amount of development time and a strict adherence to retelling the story of the film in the form of a game," Jefferson said. That's probably why Marvel is looking more to Facebook and free-to-play MMOs to adapt its video games. Oh, and, Activision, too.

Marvel Exec Discusses 'Avengers', 'Amazing Spider-Man' Video Games [Source via Joystiq.]



      I want to see Rocksteady take on the Punisher. I don't know that I could trust anyone else to handle such a dark character.

      An X-Men co-op (in the vein of Ultimate Alliance) with Rocksteady fighting mechanics would be good too.

        Rocksteady is owned by Time Warner. There's no way you'll see Disney let Marvel send the video game rights of their characters to a Time Warner subsidiary.

        As I said below, it would make more sense for Disney to acquire a game studio and have them make the games from now on.

        The Punisher game that was on Xbox and PS2 was pretty damn cool, what with being able to interrogate people by hanging them over wood chippers, and dangling them in pirahna tanks at the zoo, sounds fairly authentic to me :D

          yeah, even when I got the info I needed, I would still feed them into the chipper, or drill press, or window pane. panel saw was good that was a good Marvel game!! :-)

      Can we clear something up? Rocksteady did NOT make a movie game. They made a game using the same license that the famous movie(s) did. They were not working to movie-game constraints or deadlines. I don't really know of any amazing movie games except Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Xbox/PS2).


        Someone had to say it. :) least they can't make anything worse, right?

    Is it Sega make crap games for Marvel or that Movie tie in games suck 99% of the time.

    I wonder if Disney will acquire a large development studio now...?

    They closed a couple of their game studios in the last 12 months cos they made terrible games. But currently, they don't have a single worthwhile game studio. And know that they own Marvel Comics and Marvel Films, it would make sense to have an in-house game developer to go with that...

    Mark, I smell an exposé! hahaha

    Warren Spectre works for Disney let him make a Marvel game,

    Deus EX-Men



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