Alan Wake's Boxed Edition Gets A Release Date

After extending a collector's edition launch on Steam by a week, Remedy Entertainment has found a publisher for the boxed edition of its Alan Wake release for the PC.

Legacy Interactive will distribute the game and release it in North America on April 3. The boxed edition wil also include "The Writer" and "The Signal" episodes previously released as downloadable content on consoles.

Alan Wake extending launch deal on Steam for another week [Joystiq]


    Good to hear. I finished it on 360 when it came out, but I'm keen to see what the additional grunt of a gaming computer can lend to the game.

      It's been on Steam for a few weeks now and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. My PC isn't grunty enough to do much more than the Xbox could but I hear good things from others.

    I hope they patch the game to be fully 3D compatable, it looks awesome in 3D exept for a couple of glithes.

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