An Adorable Argument Against Underage Mature Game Sales

An Adorable Argument Against Underage Mature Game Sales

Even though many video games are rated MA15+, they end up in the hands of kids. One youngster totally cannot believe that!

“While I was at work today we received this letter from what I assume is a primary school student writing a persuasive essay,” a GameStop employee told Kotaku. “I thought you all would enjoy.”

Oh, we do! The letter is thoughtful, well stated and unintentionally cute. Good thing paper, stamps and envelopes are rated G for General.





    • My thoughts exactly. Seriously, “kids aged 17 years and older”?

      Did I miss a memo or something because I am sure what once you turn 18 you are no longer an adult.

  • Having read the letter twice now, I seriously think that this is a creation from the mob in the Australia christian lobby.

    There is nothing factual in this letter and when it comes to games nothing factual has come from their mouths.

    All three examples are of the extreme and 90% of the story related to them is missing.

    • This is totally stupid. In many cases a child can be more mature then an 18 year old. And using example of murders as your argument is silly and unnecessary like people kill themselves because of school and the pressure and it causes but no one complains about school. This kid has probably been way to sheltered

  • You people understand that this is a persuasive letter written by a school child as part of their English assessment right? There’s a reason that it’s not 100% factually accurate or well written. The kid who wrote this is about 12 years old.

    • It happens a lot, I turn down kids every day trying to buy MA games but then I see them walking past my store with another retailers bag with the MA game inside (not pointing any fingers, but 9/10 it will be a big box retailer and not another speciality retailer).

      The one that I get the most though is 8 year old Joey will come back in later on with his mum and begg for the game, when mum brings the game up to the till and I tell her that its not suitable, tell her exactly why, more often than not they will still buy it. ” Oh its ok he has played it at his cousins house” or the kid will start crying and screaming and they will buy it any way.

  • a, Story from America.
    b, Why the hell are they selling games to people under age?
    c, Why are parents buying games for kids under the age?

    • It might have something to do with the ESRB being advisory rather than law. Most people don’t take advice or follow rules unless they are enforced

  • This was not written by a kid, it was written my an adult attempting to write like a kid to make an argument that is based on BS

  • It’s pretty bullshit.

    Let’s see: Apparently M games are MORE ADDICTIVE than G/PG games. Kids don’t put off chores to play G/PG games, but M games? They can’t put that shit down! So addictive. My god, it’s like crack.
    Would we like to see kids not holding violent games in their hands? Absolutely. But it’s the parents’ responsibility just as much as the retailers. Even more, probably. And if we’re going to bring the R-18 rating into this, we want that to PREVENT kids from getting unsuitable games.
    Do we want to be able to take a walk without hearing about the latest shooting game? This is just opinion. I’m sure a lot of us would love to hear discussion about the vidja as we go for our strolls.

    I’m working backwards here so bare with me.

    Alright, kids putting homework off for videogames? This is where parenting comes in. Every day after school my mum doesn’t let my brother and sister play games until their homework is done. This is good parenting. Meanwhile else where, Timmy and Tammy’s mum does crack while they don’t go to school and spend the whole day playing videogames. This isn’t good parenting.
    I like how he cites that two people have died from playing video games. Yes, people have died, and yes its more than 2. Over the years, mainly in Korea or Japan or whatever, there have been quite a few deaths from too much vidja. Let’s say… 10. 10, out of billions and billions of people. Those statistics are so incredibly low, you have about the same chance of being killed by meteor. [citation needed]

    I can’t be bothered with this much longer so, “I have to cover my ears when other kids discuss Call of Duty”
    This is bullshit, no child does this ever. I’m calling shenanigans. Children are curious, information hungry little monsters, they’ll listen to everything. If kids were discussing how they shot the gun and the guys head exploded, and little Nigel covered his ears and walked away, they would mock him and he would deserve it for being a nonce.

    10/10, I replied and I mad at this dumb shit.

  • All I know is that the most immature people on earth are the ones sheltered from mature content by their parents. I once had a friend who couldn’t play the sims because it was M. the fucking sims (or sequel, I don’t know)

  • Naaaaw! Who has a serious lack of empirical evidence for his claims? You do, little letter-writer! Yes you do!

  • You must be all kids replying? There is no way in the world it is ok to give children M games, I wouldn’t let a 10 year old watch a movie with half the gore of some of the games that these parents allow their children to play.

  • “While I was at work today we received this letter from what I assume is a primary school student writing a persuasive essay,”

    ..Just about sums up any argument from the ACL, really..

  • I remember English teachers coaching us to write like this… state your premise in the introduction, expand each point, repeat your premise in the conclusion! And they call it “persuasive writing”. Has anyone been persuaded by adherence to form over an actual persuasive argument?

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