An Enormous, Amazing Monkey Island Tattoo

Reader Jonathan Hansen, who we actually featured a couple of years ago for his awesome "classic" art, thought we'd be interested in seeing his new Monkey Island tattoo. Given the scale and the subject matter, you're damn right we're interested.

This flesh-based epic took over three years and 50 hours in the chair to complete. It was done by Ben Mack at Dark World Gallery Tattoo in Worcester, MA., designed by Hansen, and is no doubt blowing socks off where he walks without sleeves.


    i hate you luke

      Go away dude. You're trolling all the articles. Mark should IP ban you.

    The best thing ever

    though i dont think much of tattoos... its a fantastic piece of art right there

    dammit, makes my pirate monkey concept sketch from mi3 look like shit :(

    If one dies.



    nice colours, but its really hard to understand whats going on. its a mess from middle > down

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