Apparently Gamification Can Help You Quit Smoking Now...

Gamification — is there anything it can't do? Developer Esteve Aguilera has created a new app designed to use gamification style techniques to help people stop smoking. Any chance of making one to help me quit Pepsi Max?

The app is called QuitNow! and does numerous different things, like track how many days you've gone without smoking, how much money you've saved, etc. Of course, it does depend on you being completely honest about how much you've been smoking!

Interestingly, the app also informs you of other milestones — like informing users when they've regained their sense of smell (after two days) — and will pepper you with inspiring facts about smoking and solid reasons for quitting.

The app is available on Android. For more info head here.


    Psst... it shouldn't be 'their' in the first sentence

    That's how I quit. I replaced smoking with gaming. Every time I wanted to smoke I bought a game. I also said to myself that if I smoked, I would not be able to play any games for the next month.
    Self discipline rules. +1 year and not one drag.

      I hope you bought decent games when you were tempted to smoke.

      Gonna try this - not the buying game part but the gaming for a month thing

    It's funny you mention this, the most effective thing I ever did to stop smoking was to get Stop Smoking on the DS. It wasn't really gamification as it was more of an interactive book, but it did let you track your progress and had interactive visuals.
    At the end of the day, you have to actually want to quit in order to quit.

    Well after 1 year, 1 week, and five days I last night bought a pack and had 3 cigs out of it.

    Not thrilled about it but 3 cigs after 1 year isn't that bad. And honestly the packet is just sitting in my desk drawer. I'll probably end up throwing them out anyway.

    As punishment I donated the same amount of money to a charity that the cigs cost me. Sort of a penance for my foolishness, if you will.

      Throw them away man - You'll just smoke them and slowly start getting addicted to me. Also - Anyone looking for advice on how to quit should contact me - I'm pretty much an expert at it since I've done it so many times

      thats a great idea, making a donation as punishment.

      I was going to suggest that you 'donate' the rest of the pack to someone begging for money, or a busker, but would that be unethical? Giving someone else a higher risk of dying from cancer?

    What is gamification or rather, what's the big issue with it?

    This is Simpsons territory - 'how many envelopes can you lick in an hour, Bart?'

    Smoking is EVIL. I know people who've kicked speed addiction, alcoholism, heroin...but from what I've observed nicotine is the hardest one to get over. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can defeat smoking, and by the same token I don't hate or judge smokers because I know how insidious it is as an addiction.

    stop drinking pepsi max.

    Drink sparkling mineral water instead.

    I think that Kwit ( is far better than QuitNow!. Kwit goes beyond badgification and trully takes advantage of the whole gamification experience.

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