Area Ravaged By Japanese Earthquake Gets…a Cute Character

Area Ravaged By Japanese Earthquake Gets…a Cute Character

To help lift the spirits of Tohoku, Japan, the area hit by March 2011’s earthquake and tsunami, illustrator Ninico Edomura created Zunko Tohoku. Named after zunda mochi rice cakes, she’s a 17 year-old, who excels at archery. And she’s copyright free.

The idea is that the character will go viral via fan art and whatnot — thus, Japanese anime otaku can show their support for those in Tohoku. There are also Zunko apps and games that also provide local news about Tohoku.

Voice actresses Satomi Sato, who is from Sendai and best known for voicing Ritsu in K-On!, is lending her voice to the character, and Zunko is getting her own Voiceroid speech synthesiser software.

Other artists and manga illustrators”>have also offered their support to the country and those impacted by the devastation.

東北応援萌えキャラ「東北ずん子」がボイスロイドに! 声は宮城出身の声優「佐藤聡美」さん [Kotaku Japan]


  • The mayor of Otsuchi in Iwate did something similar – two little town mascots. I think it’s a great morale-boosting effort (particularly for the young children) and some of the locals there were making them as stuffed toys to sell and raise money.

    • I like the sound of that. I’m not sure If it’s an amazing idea, but I guess we’ll see if it has an effect.

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