Argh, The Bad Guys In The Last Of Us Look Just Horrible

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is taking the old zombie stereotype in a different direction, substituting hordes of ravenous flesh-eaters for...a global population that's been infected by some kind of fungus and now looks really gross.

While we've seen the monsters before, this statue of one was posted on Twitter over the weekend by Naughty Dog's Evan Wells, and gives us a real good look at one.

Maybe too good a look. Yuck.

Evan Wells [Twitter]


    Clam head.

    All I can think of when I see this are walnuts.

      And now I can never eat wallnuts again. Thanks.

    Ah, so that WAS Ellen Page in the trailer!! Whattya know.

    I'd tap it.

    There's a trashy horror book that came out in the 80s I think called "The Fungus" or some-such - similar idea to this. Although the fungus mainly ate everyone rather than zombifiying them

      That book was badass.
      Always wanted a film adaptation.

        Sadly education has long told me fungi are particularly ill-adapted to the mechanical and physiological barriers of the human body. I'd never be able to take it seriously.

    Um, this actually looks awesome and has lots of cool directions it can go in.

    luke plunkett's bust?

    imagine waking up to that on your bedside table...

    i dont even... Man that put me off dinner. Imagine being married to that.

    Not that impressive? I mean, I'm all for Naughty Dog. But from the walnut/popcorn down it's a generic zombie. It's like somebody smudged the concept art and went "yep that looks good".

    Go check out some concept art for Silent Hill and there's some creative gross-things

      Go check out some actual photos of insects that have been done in by one of those cordyceps things. This looks like a fair enough stab at what it'd look like if one of them started picking on humans.

    Pyramid Head's wife?

    I wonder how these things will hunt you? No eyes and no nose although I suppose it could be huffing the air up into whats left of it's sinus through the mouth.

    I look forward to hurting that thing bad.

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