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We typically run an 'Ask Me Stuff' post every Wednesday, and that's pretty cool and all, but we're no Tim Schafer. Currently, on Reddit, Tim Shafer is running his very own 'Ask Me Stuff', and he may actually be better at answering questions than us!

But if you're thinking about being all funny and stuff, and going in their to ask Tim about Loom? Sadly someone has already beat you to it, Also, someone has also already asked him why Grim Fandango isn't available on Steam (which was totally going to be my question goddammit!)

Head here to ask Tim Schafer questions, or just read the ones everyone else has asked! Despite only being up for an hour, there are pretty much hundreds of questions already.


    *Better at answering questions "than" us. Or "that".
    Whichever, dude. It's 2012, yo. I like the poetry of "that us". And it's Monday. So . . . like, nobody even cares. I'm in a hammock right now. You can't criticise anything from a hammock! There are hammock rules; and I, sir, are a stickler for them.

    Available on Steam?

    Ordinarily I'd be all up on that, but Steam don't really know how to release an older game. GOG are there for you on this one.

    I'd go over there and ask about GOG but I expect someone else will have by the time I got around to it. #lazy

      They already had a petition for Lucasarts to release it and others on GOG ages ago.

      And lucasarts basically said "No, Go Away"


      Steam would be able to release it with ease the issue is probably that people would prefer GoG for being DRM free for the most part

    I like the implication that you can say whatever you feel like from a hammock without fear of repercussions. So I just ordered one, which I'll hang in my office at work.

      Oh god, cancel order. The world doesn't need more comments like the first one. It's confused my English and grammar.

        The grammar - for the most part - is sound, watertight even. Except for, of course, "I 'are' a stickler for [the rules]"; "I am" is preferred in most examples. Unless, perhaps, the commenter is using grammatical inaccuracy to build something of a more conversational style.
        Your English grammar - as demonstrated above - is perhaps indicative of one too easily confused.
        Good day, sir.

      I thought the point of the hammock rule is that you are not allowed to be negative while you are in a hammock.

    Dammit your right. Cancelled order for Hammock. Purchased Wheel-Barrow. You can say whatever you want while seated in a Wheel-Barrow without fear of repercussions. Common confusion apparently.

    Have you gained weight, Puppylicks?

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