Assassin's Creed III On PC Will Work Better With Controller

Ubisoft has advised those planning on playing Assassin's Creed III on PC to use a controller because the game is not optimised for keyboards.

In an interview with GameSpy, Assassin's Creed III's creative director Alex Hutchinson said the game works better with a controller and the studio won't be putting much effort into optimising the game for keyboard-based play.

Hutchinson said the PC will definitely be supported — it will just play better with a controller.

"We're definitely supporting PC, we love PC, but I think it'll be PC with a controller," he said.

"I don't see us investing hugely in a mouse and keyboard setup. I think if you want to play on PC and you want to play Assassin's Creed, you have a controller."

The game is due on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 from October 31. The PC version will follow soon after.



    Why is this a surprise to everyone? Of course it will be better with a controller. If you're a modern PC gamer and you're playing anything that's not an FPS regularly, you probably already have one. If you don't, you really should consider it.

      Difference is we expect it to be better with a controller because of the type of game.

      Bur coming out and saying what they have leaves doubts as to whether they will even put the amount of effort into K+M that they did for the previous AC games( I know I have never had an issue with mouse and keyboard on it

      I tried playing the first 2 with KB and Mouse at first, but the controller was so much better, much more fluid movements and it just worked better.

      So....RTS games, Grand Strategy, 4X and point & click adventure games all work better with controllers?

      Honestly, I was perfectly comfortable with using my KB+M for Ass Creed. But the series has been in a decline since the second one. I didn't buy Revelations and I wont be buying 3.

        If you had any sense you would have known what the quality of Brotherhood and Revelations was.

        I've never liked Assassin's Creed's gameplay (AC2 came close), but AC3 looks promising.

    The first game was very playable on the PC once you got your head around the elaborate control set ups, but I've got to say this is the kind of game I prefer to play on a game pad any way. Having all the controls within the grasp of your hands can't be beat. Although Ubi are making it hard for people to support their PC efforts, what with crazy DRM, delayed release dates and these oddly phrased comments about PC controls which sound like they're not even putting the effort in. (I understand that's not his intention, but can easily be intepreted like that.)

    Duh. I mostly use my PC for strategy games and my console for the other stuff like AC, so I don't think this is an issue. For anyone.



      Eh, it's not unreasonable to expect a game to use the standardized controls for that platform properly, but I agree there's no need for flaming torches and pitchforks.

      Damn straight Loops.... you better watch your back.

      Anyway, I've only ever used my PS3 controller with my PC once... I got a copy of Saint's Row (I think it was number 2) for free on Steam and found that it was completely unplayable with a keyboard. So I tried my PS3 controller and unfortunately I found the experience less than enjoyable. Maybe I didn't set something up properly, maybe the game was just crap and didn't support it (I was a direct port however) but the end result was bad. I think the analogue sticks didn't work or something like that.
      NOTE: this was ages ago, I don't remember the detail only the sour taste in my mouth.

      So - I there a easy, fool proof way to get controllers working on a PC?

    Wait, was that just them admitting they're going to do a shitty job with the controls?

    Hmm. Yes, I think it was.

    Is there an easy way to get a 360 controller to work on a PC?

      No. You either have to buy a wired 360 controller or a wireless receiver (which are expensive as heck because they're normally bundled with a wireless controller). I managed to score a cheap receiver by itself on eBay. The seller sent me a shitty OEM knockoff but I raised a dispute and he sent me a proper one.

        My dodgy $15 OEM knock off wireless receiver from eBay has been more reliable and lasted longer than the original expensive one bundled with a controller.

      1. Wired Controller
      2. You can get an receiver that plugs into USB and allows you to use a wireless controller

      There's no way I'd have been able to 100% Super Meat Boy without my trusty Xbox controller.

        OR you just buy the rechargeable battery kit for the wireless controller and plug it right into the usb port.

          The Plug and Play kit for wireless Xbox 360 controllers won't work with Windows at all.

        or just use a ps3 controller with MotionInJoy ;) have really cheap recivers for the controller, check them out

    This has been true of all the AC games that I have played (Started with 2.) No surprises here.

    Gather your keyboards men, we have a war to fight.

    Umm is it just me or was anyone else's first thought "Then why the f**k release it on the PC"?
    You obviously don't care about PC gaming Mr Hutchinson so stop trying to pretend that you do.
    In fact this is more insulting then NOT releasing it on the PC.
    You are basically telling PC gamers "Here you can have the scraps from the consoles and you better like it!"
    So basically, do something right or don't do it at all. Otherwise you just look like a jackass.

      when did he pretend he cared about pc gaming?

      Your comment reads: ''Waaaaah... I cant use my mouse and kb as the preferred controls so waaaah Im gonna cry my ass off... waaaaah... tantrum rant rant rant..."

      All my first thought was, was that they want you to have analogue movement, which you CANNOT get on a keyboard and aiming, which tho you can get with a mouse, you can only get both with a CONTROLLER.

      So suck it up. They advise using a controller, at least they didnt remove the ability to use the kb and mouse.

    I always, always, ALWAYS use a keyboard and mouse for PC gaming. ALWAYS.
    INCLUDING all the other AC games.
    "But , Nerd", I hear you whine "What if the controls are impossible and weird?"

      Some games just play better with a controller... Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for example, the top down nature and aiming/shooting mechanic in the game just work 1000% better when using a controller.

        Agreed. All the mapping and remapping in the world isn't going to change the fact that it's a clumsy device compared to a controller.

        Considering that a controller for your PC is a pretty small investment, much cheaper than gaming mice and mechanical keyboards, I don't really see the big deal.

          That's your opinion. I find thumbsticks to be unwieldy, and prefer the precision of a mouse in all cases.

          >keyboard and mouse
          >clumsy compared to controller
          >greentexting on kotaku

            Clumsy in comparison to a controller when playing 3rd person shooters, side-scrollers or top down/isometric type games.

            A keyboard and mouse doesn't have some amazing advantage in all situations, it's just purity propaganda from the Master Race.

            Yes, that is my opinion. I wrote it and submitted it so there is no need to point it out.

              ** - That should have been simply 3rd person games. Not 3rd person shooters in particular.

              Sorry, but that is just not true. You will never be able to have the fine precision control and wide option range with a controller that you will always have available with a K+M. Some people cannot handle the complexity or reactivity of the k+m combo, and so prefer to use the simplified controller settings where everything can be graded to not need the precision-timed reactions k+m sometimes needs, and everything is within a fingers reach, but you put two gamers of equal overall skill level in a room, one adept at k+m and the other adept with a controller, and you pit them against one another, I guarantee you the k+m combo will win.

                In some games you don't need laser-point precision. It's not like hair-trigger shooters where milliseconds matter. Some games just aren't as fun or enjoyable with a KB+M. I have been playing Guardian of Light recently on my PC. The KB+M set-up was pretty horrible. Unnecessarily complicated. I switched over to my 360 controller and the improvement was as obvious as it was immediate.

    “We’re definitely supporting PC, we love PC,”
    Thats the biggest load of horse and bullshit ive ever seen and i use to own a 125acre cattle stud.

    Having played the first three games on both PC and console, I actually preferred KB/M over controller so this sucks big time for me.

    I don't see why everyone finds the need to be so negative towards PC gamers voicing their concerns. We are and always will be the overlooked gaming community so it's always going to look like we're complaining because we are always being overlooked, again we have this as another grand example.

    The unmistakable and utter truth of the matter is that the developers are not prepared to invest any effort, perceived or not , into making a gaming experience that satisfies the KB&M combo. This mentality is just ridiculous. and the whole notion that pc gamers should 'settle for the status quo' is just sympathetic of the current gaming industries need to push console onto pc gamers.

    Assassin's Creed has never been good on a keyboard, and anyone expecting otherwise is a fucking lunatic.

    Character action games are always best with a game pad, regardless of platform. The Mouse and Keyboard is not the be all end all of PC gaming input devices, that's one of the primary advantages of the platform. Complaining about this is almost as bad as complaining about poor keyboard support in a racing game.

      Each to their own.
      I do agree that racing games are limited by WASD, but hey, I survive.

      Keyboards for racing games are fine if it's an arcade style game ala NFS Underground, Most Wanted etc. It's only an issue if it's a racing sim.

      Also, it's your OPINION that AC has never been good on a keyboard. I've played AC 1, 2 and Brotherhood on both console and PC and I prefer KB/M over controller for it.

    I am sure someone will fill me in, but apart from being able to walk > run smoothly rather than the keyboards walk OR run, what makes a controller better for 3rd person?
    (btw i have an xbox and the only thing i prefer the controller for is driving)

    12 buttons + 2 sticks
    101+ keys , 5 or 6 button mouse with scroll wheel.

    I enjoyed gta4 alot more on my pc, la noire, alan wake, a whole bunch of others too...
    I even don't mind what EA have said here, as long as they don't mean "no way to turn off stupid mouse acceleration left in from direct port"

      It always seems to me that movement is much more fluid and realistic when you're controlling the character with one stick and the camera with the other. If you watch video of someone playing a 3rd person game with a controller and with a KB+M, it's trivially easy to work out which is using which. For me, using a controller for 3rd person is as preferable as using a KB+M for FPS or RTS.

      This whole thing is just a preference issue. The problem is the way the PC master race reacts when anyone questions the purity of the KB+M.

      How simple would it be to implement the Splinter Cell control scheme for movement pace? Control your speed with the mouse wheel. Worked great in Chaos Theory.

        Yeah, I was bummed that didn't take off on the PC. I thought it was an excellent way to get rid of the toggle walk/run button.

    I actually think with AC2 on wards the games become very playable with a keyboard and mouse.

    As a PC gamer I am not good with controllers except for basic games. I tried an xbox controller for AC:Brotherhood and sucked at it, went to keyboard and mouse and it was natural.

    So why wouldn't this just be the same? It seems to suggest there's something differerent going on from how much they improved Keyboard and Mouse over the last few titles.

    Also what is lame, is that I have a slight disability with my right hand after breaking it. So can't use a controller for long with out my hand cramping up and becoming painful. So extra lame for me if I can't play AC properly with Keyboard and Mouse.

    Just another way of saying console port

    Not that fussed. I was okay with the first few AC's.

    Just let me turn the settings up to stupidly high and provide some better textures etc for the pc games please. If I want to stab people, I want to stab *pretty* people.

    Ive played all the PC versions of Assassins Creed, and I've always used a controller. So I have no qualms here and I would assume that most PC gamers are in the same boat. I also use it for playing Batman: Arkham City, the Need for Speed and Dirt games, and a few other miscellaneous titles. And sure, it will never give you the precision and the feel of a mouse, there are definitely instances when it just makes sense to use a controller over a mouse. The Xbox 360 controller for Windows is an instant plug and play, and Ive never had any concerns with it. Im planning on getting Darksiders and AC3 for PC this year, and both I plan to use the controller with.

      Most pc gamers I know who play these games have actually stated they very much prefer m+k to controller, so it's disappointing that we're likely going to be left out here. We play on PC because we prefer the PC controls. If we wanted X-Box controls, we'd play it on X-Box, ya get me?

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