Assassin's Creed III's Official Box Art Verifies Revolutionary War Setting

Looks like that rumoured image we ran last night of the protagonist from Assassin's Creed III checks out — Ubisoft has released the official box art from the game, depicting the same tomahawk-wielding gentleman. Looks like Assassin's Creed is going to take place during the American Revolutionary War.


    his outfit looks kind of ojut of place

      Not for a native.

      Also, I love the fact his tomahawk is the Assassin symbol.

    Its kind of fun looking at the comments for American gaming sites and non-American. The consensus on the American sites, like Destructoid is "Hell yeah". Everyone else is kind of "Groan" or "I'll wait and see but this isn't an inherently interesting setting".

      It's a great setting. Kudos for cherry-picking the responses you want to see.

        I assume it was meant as a broad statement. Kudos for not seeing that.

    I just hope it turns out to be the English assassinating the Americans. Not because I dislike Americans, but more because I want to see all the wind fall out of the pre-hype sail.

      Well the main character is on top of a redcoat, so I don't think that's going to happen, sorry.

        Its a pitty. The English classed the American revolutionaries as terrorists back in the day. And brought in laws to keep them under control, aswell as making it legal to hold indefinately without charge, and tortured them. How time changes circumstances.

    I always wondered how they would handle the transition forward through time, to a world filled with guns instead of swords.

    A native American character with tomahawks and spears is the obvious compromise, but I have to wonder if the difficulty will be ramped up at all by the fact that everyone else in the universe has a musket... I suspect not.

      Iif you've ever fired a musket you'll know it takes time to reload, make your one shot count. A difficult game would be nice

      Muzzle loading, firing round balls rather than bullets and pretty inaccurate. Plus he'll probably have Ezio's pistol as well...

    Seeing that he's using a Tomahawk and a Bow I'm assuming he's going to be some American turncoat turned native American?

      Allegedly hes a halfblood native american.

        Maybe one of Ezio's kids got on a boat and crashed in the Americas and were forced to stay there, and eventually got to know the tribes and such and started a family etc.

    I really don't understand everyone whinging that it's going to be set in America, if anyone has actually read even a little bit about that time in Americas history, they'll know that it's really interesting.

    All the American bashing makes everyone sound just as bad as the guys that have "fuck off we're full" on their cars.

    I'm actually really excited for something different.

      Its not American bashing, its boredom. One of the best aspects of this series (in fact, its genuinely the only thing I care for) is the setting. 90% of games are about Americans doing American things. At this point, it doesn't matter how interesting the civil war is, the whole America thing is overdone.

        *Revolutionary War, actually...

        I still agree with you though, they've wasted the potential of the series to showcase some really interesting world history. Not saying the game's gonna be bad, I'm sure I'll still get it but... *sigh*, can't help being slightly disappointed.

        Well you should be happy then - this will be Americans (including Native Americans), British and probably the French doing American things.

        People just love to complain. They complain about games never trying anything new, but when we get a rarely used setting (how many games are set in the US revolutionary war?) we get complaints. I don't mean that at you Thom, just the general reaction of gamers when basically anything new is announced.

          It is true that there arent many games set around that period. Every other form of media however...

            So we shouldn't have anything that's been done in other forms of media.

            You sir, are an idiot.

        I personally think that particular period of American History will be interesting. I haven't really seen the Civil War done well in games (except for RTSs) and certainly not to the standard of AC

          It's not the US Civil War. That happened much later (Northern vs Southern states fighting over the abolition of slavery) This is the US revolutionary war, the people of America attempting to leave the British empire. It's an almost sacred time for the country, I don't think it's ever really been explored in games.

    Let me guess. Americans stole a piece of Eden, British want it back ...but they're all Templars (a Templar war). Native American Assassins are trying to safe-guard pieces of Eden and/or temples.

      Napoleon Bonaparte did have a piece of eden, it was mention during some of the glyphs in one of the games, i cant remember which one tho.

    But does he still have the hidden blade?

      It looks like the vambrace on his left hand has a hidden blade.
      In the encyclopedia there's an image of a modern day hidden blade, so I'm assuming it will feature in all AC games.

    this kinda sucks the great thing about asscreed was you go to places that gaming rarely goes ffffffffuuuuuuuuuu

      I haven't played a game in this setting before...?

    I'm very excited for the soundtrack, main character and the artistic license they will take to set a game in the American Revolution, and I'm slightly disappointed but optimistic-ish about the setting.

    I'm sure they can pull it off well, I sure hope they do.

      Thinking about it, a colonial soundtrack, native american music, that's going to be incredible :) awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is one classy tomahawk.

    If this is still following Desmond's story, then there's little chance that protagonist is Native American. It's probably a Dances With Wolves scenario.

      or one better, last of the mohicans. Love that movie

        havent seen the film (or read the book) and having a quick look over the setting of the story, it fits in with what im thinking would be the relationship between the main character and the antagonists.

        What i think is there will be the British and french + native american factions, with the main character belonging to the french, but training with the native americans ( strong connections to eagles through the franchise thus far, so it would only make sense the character to be involved the with the beliefs and rituals of the native americans)

    Axes make almost anything better, I'm interested to see where they go with this. Though the history-dork in me dislikes the idea that the Brits are the bad guys.

    Wouldn't have been getting it regardless of where it was set. I don't support games with a yearly release schedule because the quality always lacks.

      I'm tired of seeing this everywhere. This isn't like CoD where a studio copy+pastes the last iteration of the engine, makes a few tweaks, inserts new models, textures and new maps, and then rushes it out. Ubisoft has SIX studios working on this. At a rough, uninformed estimate I would think that a game made by six studios in one year has a similar quality to a game made over five years by one studio. So you don't need to worry about degrading quality due to yearly releases.

        It has been in development for three years now I heard, so it's far from a one year rush job.

          Jesus Christ, I didn't know that. I actually have high hopes for this game now.

        Except six studios working on one product is not equivalent to one cohesive studio even if the actual man hours are equivalent. You can often tell exactly what studio worked on what component in such games because of the total lack of cohesion (that said, I've seen nothing to suggest that the Ass Creed games have had that problem).

          Each AC game so far has been high quality. The lowest was Revelations, even that was high quality. The lowest part of it was the rushed tower defense game, but it was the first sign the method was wearing thin. Perhaps that was due to 3 being in development at the same time. Who knows. Given 3 ties off the series, it's likely the inevitable expansion games for 3, will be the only ones worked on after 3 (4 will likely be on the next consoles... they did say there would be further non desmond AC games remember)

            On each AC game being quality, exactly. Each one has had amazingly well developed models, artwork, visual style, storyline, etc. The visual quality and direction have always seemed to be as fresh as a new IP to me with each release. The gameplay also usually has some new added perks to it, but yeah, that tower defense thing needed shaping up.

            I hope that they add some new things to combat, like more focus on guns. A rifle with a bayonet could work similarly to the crossbow in the last two games, with a default ranged attack and also the ability to counter melee attacks with the bayonet. That would be awesome.

            It will also be awesome if they can pull off the kind of large-scale musket warfare like in Total War. If the gun mechanic is developed enough, it would probably be plausible to have that kind of setpiece.

              I think Brotherhood and Revelations are fine games, but to describe them as fresh would be a stretch. They use the same engine and assets with some very good tweaks, but they hardly represent full blown sequels, more like expansions, hence neither being Ass Creed 3.

                Well they only added a couple of things that changed the gameplay, like that killstreak thing in Brotherhood. Then the bombs and hookblade in Revelations. I think each game was different enough for me, but you're right, they were expansion-ish. Although not on the level of CoD, thank Christ.

    I'm quietly excited about the setting, but I thought AC3 would finally bring the story to a current setting with Desmond running around stabbing pricks. That's the disappointment.

    I cant wait for the drive by assassination

    - Not set in revolutionary France
    - Not set in post-industrial revolution Britain
    - Not set in 1800s Japan


      see now those setting would be awesome, I get that the series was always going to go to the Americas but I would have like it to happen later then this

    Of course the brits are the bad guys.

    What I dont get is how the hell is the free-running going to work!? American civil war era didn't exactly have buildings stacked closely together all over the place.

    And just when I thought I had AC fatigue..

    ..I'm excited again!

    World map from the 2nd game contained 2 pieces of Eden in the American Colony? As in two stored, could also be others that were brought across?

    Granted I know almost nothing of the time period and will end up playing the game anyway but there are more interesting chapters in history to plumb. Just saying...

    Looking forward to it, was inevitable they'd set it in the US, the Americans love fighting on their own turf. See Resistance 2/3, COD etc etc

    Why did we need to see three of the same image with a different logo at the top though?

    So no climbing this time around, how incredibly boring

    I've seen many ignorant comments like this regarding the game being set in America, and why do people persist with them.

    Assassin's Creed oddly enough is not an American (as in USA) game, never has been. The primary development studio has always been Ubisoft Montreal. Hence if you actually read into North American history, one could almost state that killing of British is more offensive in a game developed in a Commonwealth country (albeit the French speaking part of Canada).

    Why would there be the "America Fuck Yeah" aspect to game done by a Studio in French speaking Canada, published by a French Publisher.

      Because America is 80% of their market. It could be considered pandering.

        What've we got so far?

        * The Holy Land in a time of war/conflict involving many people groups that greatly affected the world.
        * Italy during the Renaissance. Then Rome. Then Constantinople... (or was it Istanbul?)
        * The American Revolution - a time of war/conflict involving many nations/groups that greatly affected the world.

        Yes, clearly they're pandering to Americans.

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