Atelier Ayesha’s 3D Characters Look So Good, They Almost Look 2D

Atelier Ayesha’s 3D Characters Look So Good, They Almost Look 2D

The latest game in their Atelier series, game developer, Gust has announced that Atelier Ayesha will be released in Japan on June 28th on the PS3.

A series spanning back to 1997, the Atelier series are JRPGs with a bit of alchemy to them. Players go on adventures to gather ingredients to make items that have been requested or to ease their own journeys. This time, the main character is Ayesha Altugle, a young pharmacist-turned alchemist on a quest to find her missing sister. The game system is similar to the previous games, but the overall atmosphere has been changed to give the world a grander scale.

One notable feature to the game is the beautiful character graphics that make the CG model characters practically indistinguishable from the painted character design images. Apparently all event scenes will use the CG characters instead of 2D images. At present, no official site or trailers have been released so it will be a while before we get to see Ayesha in action, but the stills are enough to make me look forward to June.

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  • Wow, those look a lot better than I expected. I hope that this series continues to get localised. NIS America did a pretty decent job with them but Gust’s owned by Koei now. 🙁

  • You know, I’ve always thought that the true test of the power of computer graphics isn’t the ability to render an image indistinguishable from a photo, but to render a 3D image that looks like a 2D drawing 😀

  • I hope they look good in motion. To have the models be so detailed might mean they have awkward animations.

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