Aussie Nintendo Store: Double Whopper with Cheese

This week's update is like the food at your favourite take away place. You know it's bad for you, but you'll eat it anyway. It's also surprisingly filling. Yep, this week's update is a big one. I actually had to write something that took longer than five minutes. Amazing!

3DS Virtual Console Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monster (Game Boy, Nintendo, $4.50) The Kid Icarus love continues ahead of Pit's Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS at the end of the month. This one is just as brutal as all the others.

3DS Original Software Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (Shin'en, $7.50) Does what it says on the tin. Is fun, contains mini golf and is touch controlled. Based on the WiiWare game of the same name (well minus the touch) if you're into Golf, or mini golf this one is for you.

3DS Retail Demo Dead or Alive: Dimensions (Tecmo Koei) - If you don't keep abreast of things you may have missed this one soon after launch. Bouncing on the eShop today is a sample of the super smooth fighter. It's definitely one that pushes the Nintendo 3DS to the max. Boobies.

Wii Virtual Console Mega Man X (Super NES, Capcom, 800 Points) - It's almost been a year since our American cousins got this one, but never mind that one here. Remember when Mega Man used to be good and well alive with this classic.

Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge (Neo Geo, D4 Enterprise, 900 Points) Neo Geo here to save the day, boosting the Neo Geo library on the Wii. Never really played these ones so I'll leave it for you to judge.

There's also a WiiWare demo for Europeans, if you have your Wii Shopping Channel set on that look out for that. For everyone else it's just the Virtual Console for Wii owners.

Well with that out of the way, what'ya buying?

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    Wow - this is a pretty awesome week for wiiware games - finally

    Nintendo's online offerings continue to be subpar.

    Just checked. No Dead or Alive demo on the AU shop

    is it sad for me to say the game I'm most excited for this week is the minigolf game?

    C'mon, Nintendo, put some GBA games up on this thing AT LEAST. We know you have 'em.

    That so didn't take longer than 5 minutes to write. Maybe a little longer to research. But 335 words isn't much.

    64 nintendo

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