Aussie Nintendo Store: Get Your Game Gear On

It's time, Australia, time for you to play Game Gear games on the Nintendo 3DS. The Japanese and US have had them for a little while so it's good to see Nintendo bringing us up to speed. There's also some Mega Man action for Wii owners. Nifty!

3DS Virtual Console Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (Game Gear, SEGA, $7.50) Shinobi (Game Gear, SEGA, $6.00) Dragon Crystal (Game Gear, SEGA, $4.50)

Priced in order of how good they are (Shinobi fans — don't hurt me!), the Game Gear games are ones you'll have to be pretty enthusiastic about to want to buy them. Much like the launch Game Boy titles that were on the eShop, these Game Gear launch titles are pretty simple. Good news, though — Sega went crazy with the emulator on these and not only do you get to save and restore points, you can change the picture to how you prefer to view it on the 3DS screen. I've never had a Game Gear myself so I'll leave Sega fans to tell you which games are worth picking up.

Wii Virtual Console

Mega Man 5 (NES, Capcom, 500 Points) — With the chance of a new, decent Mega Man long gone, it's time to look to the past. Pick up this classic NES version of Mega Man if you're after some mega action.

Anyone picking up the Game Gear games? I'm tempted just to see the emulator. Proof Nintendo could do more!


    Yay! I can finally get my Game Gear on. Sonic time! :)

    Wow, the picture next to Daniel's name really looks like Tracey Lien! Perhaps separated at birth?

      he must be using traceys account? Some of his articles have Marks picture too...


    Last edited 18/06/15 12:55 pm

      This. Its not that bullshit $9 for 3D classic games, but its still expensive for a DIGITAL release of such an OLD game. Would it kill them to lower it a couple bucks on everything?

    I loved both minutes of battery life at a time I got out of my Game Gear.

      We bought an AC adaptor for ours. Was the best 20 bucks ever spent.

    Those Game Gear games are tempting, but the eShop prices are ridiculous. I'd be happy to buy them all, but I'm not keen on paying $18 for three measly ROM dumps when the Sega handheld console at Kmart is going for only $49 ($39 when it's on sale) and it includes a heck of a lot more for the price.

    Yes, there's a small market and there are licensing/classification/royalty fees and all that B.S. involved, but seriously... I'd invest in the entirety of the Virtual Console library if they were only more reasonably priced. I'm actually dreading the arrival of more GBC games considering that the premium titles will be priced at $9 a pop. o.O

    I think I will just stick to playing my game gear

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