Aussie Nintendo Store: Samus Strider

It's a bit of a catch-up week this week as we're getting American seconds. No Game Gear games this week either yet; perhaps they'll be here next week instead.

3DS Virtual Console Metroid (NES, Nintendo, $7.50) — Samus' debut performance is finally here to buy on the eShop. If you're an Ambassador you can update the game for free to the final version. For everyone else it's a cheap investment into one of Nintendo's classic adventures.

Virtual Console Strider (Mega Drive, SEGA, 800 Points) — You SEGA fanboys have been talking about this game for months on Twitter, and being in the Nintendo camp as a kid I never really played Strider. Perhaps I should look into it.

Nintendo Video Kid Icarus: Uprising — Original 3D Animation Series — An original animation series from Nintendo for the 3DS, in 3D. Split over six weeks there will be a new instalment every two (they come in two parts). Thanatos Rising is the first episode.

Small update this week, but a powerful, bountiful one.

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    Haha I remember strider, I loved that game as a kid...

    I remember Strider as being the this really cool, tough big kid's game that was out of reach for my friends and I. I can't remember if it was because it was an Amiga game at the time or not (something that only the older kids with casual jobs or rich parents had) but Strider was always felt like a game that only the really hardcore, older kids had.

    Looking at the cover now, I'm not sure why I thought the game was 'tough'. Look at what he's wearing!

    I honestly can't justify playing 7 or 8 bucks on some game from 25+ years ago. Leave it to Ninty to charge an absurd price for something that is older than I am.

    ...I always remember dying in Strider and the "grand master" would pop up and say something intelligible and my mate down the road saying "...what did she say?". Good times.

    I always remember Strider for having cover artwork bafflingly different to the game, as was also the case with many of its contemporaries. Flash Gordon invading Space Red Square in blue spandex ftw. Revealing juxtaposition of the actual ingame sword in the logo with the chunk of rubbish being swung by Flash. Bonus points awarded for the shamelessly ripped-off 40k space marines next to his right boot. (From a time when they were skinnier and sometimes had beak helmets)

    That said, it was a fun game.


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