Aussie Nintendo Store: Say Aaaaaaaaah!

Aussie Nintendo Store: Say Aaaaaaaaah!

When I was a child we had chooks out the back, they were great pets to have and they gave eggs. Every couple of days you could go down and get eggs and they would always be good and fresh.

The eShop is like having chooks, except for a steady stream of good eggs its more like what chooks do and that is dig around in the dirt until they find something good. This is week is one of weeks, Nintendo went out to the backyard, scrounged around and found something and here it is.

3DS Virtual Console
Dr. Mario (Game Boy, Nintendo, $4.50) Dr. Mario has never been a bad game, but do you really want to pay nearly $5 for a old black and white version of it when there are better WiiWare and even DSiWare versions of the game? I don’t think you do.

Cluck Cluck, I’m out.


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