Australian PlayStation+ Users Get Journey Early

Australian PlayStation+ Users Get Journey Early

It goes without saying that Journey is amazing, but I have a feeling you may be over hearing me fawn over it, so I’ll just give you the facts! Journey, the game you should all play as instructed by me, is being released on March 15, but if you happen to be a PlayStation+ member, you can get access to the game a week early.

We’ve spoken to Sony locally and had it confirmed — Australian PS+ users will follow suit with the rest of the world with their ability to pick up the game early, and I thoroughly recommend that you do.

It’s early doors, obviously, but it really is a game of the year contender, and something that really should be experienced. Alright, I’ll stop now! I promised I wouldn’t ‘fawn’, and I’m teetering on the edge of fawn!


  • Been looking forward to this. I held off playing the Beta as I didn’t want to spoil it. Will be picking this up on Thursday!

    Not sure what to play over the weekend, Journey or ME3? Probably both!

        • The games aren’t really free – they are basically the service that you’d be paying for (+ some discounts on dlc). You don’t get to keep the games either if your subscription lapses.

          That said, its still good value.

          • So IF i end up not enjoying the service, i lose the games i got while paying for it…

            and now i am talked out of the sale. lol

          • You lose the free stuff if your subscription lapses. But there are also significant discounts on a lot of stuff, and the discounted stuff you keep after the subscription lapses.

            Plus there’s the cloud save functionality. That paid for my PS+ subscription right there. I was about 12 or so hours into Dark Souls and accidentally attacked a merchant (the one in the sewers at the end of the long tunnel leading back to Firelink Shrine). After that she refused to sell to me. That would have made the game damn near impossible (even more so than it already is, I mean :P). And because, like Demon’s Souls, it autosaves pretty much constantly, I couldn’t even go back 5 minutes and pick up from before I attacked her. Luckily I could retrieve my previous night’s save from my cloud storage, and thus only lost the hour or so that I’d put in that night rather than having to start the entire game again from scratch.

            If you keep an eye out, they have a sale on PS+ subscriptions every now and again… about 20% off or so, I think. That’s when I took mine out… was $50-something for the full year which I’m more than happy with. Definitely got my money’s worth out of it in both content and in rescuing my Dark Souls game 😀

          • Cheap. I got punked into attacking that merchant too by a message…I saved up and got my sins absolved.

          • Think of them more as trials. Download the full game, play it for as long as your subscription lasts. If you want to keep it, then remain a PS+ member. I really don’t see how that’s so bad. If you want actual MULTIPLAYER on an Xbox you need to keep paying, but nobody bashes it solely because “It provides a superior service.”

            Paying constantly for simple multiplayer access that quite literally Every other platform gets for free, or paying constantly to continue playing Lots of games you got for pretty much nothing. And you say PS+ isn’t worth it.

          • PS+ is really like a long term rental service with benefits. While you get to keep avatars, themes and the odd game, majority of the 100% off titles you can get access to until your subscription expires. It’s a matter of perspective if one thinks it is worth it or not, personally i love it since i do like having a new psn game i wouldnt normally buy to try out. Also since many people don’t play single player games after one playthrough (say 100% completition or just satisfied), PS+ really gives you a chance to play a game for free, and not worry about the cost of the game

    • Roughly $20 for 3 months. It’s well worth it in my opinion given that you get so much free stuff.

      I also justify it by looking at it from the perspective that I’m supporting Sony’s online services with the hope that they will use the money to improve their services. You always pay for what you get, which is one of the reasons why Xbox Live has always been a superior service and platform. Free services are always shit since there is no financial incentive or obligation to improve them.

      • No financial incentive for improving free online services? what about DLC, additional online features like music, videos also advertising; helping promote game hype for product awareness.

        Seems theres lots of financial incentive to help oblige them improve services.

        • Nein. Your argument is flawed.

          DLC = Pay for hosting and data. Minimal proft. Most profit goes back to publishers and developers.
          Music, Videos = Sony Music, not SCE. Factor in hosting and data.
          Advertising is minimal at best.

          Most of the profit, if any, would not fall back into improving online services and adding features. The PSN has always been lacking essential features. In fact, is is architecturally flawed. Sony seem to have designed it from a content delivery perspective as a tie in to their other businesses. It is not designed as a platform like Xbox live and lacks essential features. VOIP for one is not a PSN service, it is implemented on a case-by-case basis.

          Most money from Xbox Live subscriptions are thrown back into running and improving the service and you can’t tell me Xbox Live doesn’t have Music, Videos, Advertising and DLC.

          Free services will ALWAYS be inferior. It’s business 101.

          • Are you familar with the concept of a loss leader? Coles are doing it right now with milk and Herald Sun have been doing it since the dawn of time running something at a loss to stimulate profits in another sector is a viable business strategy.

            Can you honestly say Xbox Live isn’t challenged at all my PSN free services? unless you can show me that Sony is being financially burdened to the point where they are negatively impacted by this your argument is mute.

            Or if we are only arguing about the lacklustre services of PSN online services you should remember they are a business services are second to profit, they could of possibly just be doing this because it is a more profitable field I’m sure you’re seen EA having financial difficulties with there own as of late o whos to say that all of Microsfots Xbox live services is only going towards server maintenance than it is services..

          • I think I need to proof-read more often the amount of spelling errors and grammatical errors in this mutes my opinion.

          • Microsoft has publicly stated that all money from Xbox Live subscriptions go back into running the service and improving the service. They even released a 10th anniversary documentary on what the Xbox Live team actually do. It’s pretty cool.

            Sony provides a service that lacks features compared to Xbox Live. This is something that is not in dispute. Security is one feature the PSN lacks, you can appear to have a fully featured service but dial security down to zero. No spank you!

            I’m familiar with the concept of a loss leader. This is not an example of a loss leader since it is not stimulating sales of the PS3 over the Xbox, or stimulating the sale of online content. Xbox Live silver access is free.

            I seem to be arguing against the PSN, I kind of am even though I have PlayStation Plus access. I just wish the service offered was on par with Xbox Live – parties, party chat/game chat, security, party launch of games etc. But as I’ve said, when people are not willing to pay for the service there is simply no financial incentive for them to compete with Xbox Live and match the rate at which Microsoft improves the service.

          • If you want me to agree Xbox Live services are generally better? sure, you want me to agree there is a correlation between its paid subscriptions and that improved service? sure, I was merely stressing there is a financial incentive to improve on free online services I don’t believe thats a broad statement to make I guess it is dependant on the companies goals and strategies in the end.

        • no future in freemium? tell that to google, zynga and facebook.. they seem to be doing alright out of it

          • Google makes money from advertising, infrastructure service and cloud computing. They have always been an advertising company and always will be.

            Zynga? Lol wut? They charge for some of their games and make money also through advertising.

            Facebook is a good example but slightly different. They do offer a platform, but their money is made through advertising, selling (personal) information and by selling games so… slightly different business model.

      • I don’t think money has anything to do with it. Its not features that are lacking – its bad design that means those features can’t be implemented anyway. That’s not a money problem.

  • Hmm…this has really made me consider getting Playstation Plus. If not for the added goodies, for the cloud save feature. I guess $70 isn’t too bad for a whole year….

  • It worth noting that in the next PS+ update, both Trine 2 and Sly Cooper HD remake (only the first one) are also “free”** also.

    When Vita offers kick in with the PS+ service I think I will end up broke! 🙁

    ** – As mentioned earlier, “free” based on a continued active subscription.

      • meh… for the remainder of this gen at least I’m not overall concerned, I would rather spend $70 on this subscription and get access to a bunch of free games each month, than paying something similar just for online gameplay.

        Besides, I’ve saved more than $70 in discounts alone via the service, having picked up both Resident Evil games when they first came out, both were 50%, so that was $30 in savings alone and seeing as they are real purchases, they won’t expire with the sub.

        Note – If the sub lapses, if/when you re-sub after that point those previously ‘bought’ items are reactivated.

  • it’s good. cloud saves for games like GT5 & Dark Souls are a god-send. more free stuff than i have time to play. + discounts on many if not most new releases.
    its worth remembering anything you ‘buy’ (even if discounted) is yours to keep forever. most ‘free’ games are only for the duration of your sub but there are a few exceptions.

    • +1 on Cloud Saves.

      Also, the auto-update of installed games is brilliant. Get home from work, turn on PS3, discover “your system has been updated to 4.11, GT5 has been updated to 2.05” and so on. Better than turn on PS3, realise I need to download and install system update, wait, start GT5, realise a patch is out, wait, run out of evening and go to bed.

      Go to play Infamous under the PS+ subscription too. 🙂

      • I havn’t hopped on the Cloud wagon yet, is it really needed with the 320 gig PS3s around nowadays? or are you all refering to PS Vitas?

        • uploads your saves to a sony server (the cloud) so if your ps3 dies/gets stoleded/ or wife/gf has a tanty
          you can redownload your saves and continue… excellent for those of us with 100’s of hours of GT5 or Dark Souls 😉

  • So in other words they were just holding it back another week (even if they announced the release date in advance)

    • Or perhaps they want to to verify that the online features can handle the load of PS+ subscribers before opening the game up to the rest of the customer base.

    • Unfortunately no, i think PS+ members get 30% off, but get Trine 2 free (yes a new,yet delayed, game free) 😀

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