Baldur's Gate Teaser Website Conjures A Countdown

It will be less than 24 hours before we hear more about the mysterious Baldur's Gate project from developer/digital distribution platform Beamdog. You can stare the timer down to eerie music here at the teaser website.


    Curious - is anyone actually excited about this? Doubtful it's actually going to be a new game, and the BG series still runs fine on modern machines.

      I’m excited at the prospect of it perhaps being something good maybe.

      I mean chances are it’s nothing good at all, but when you’ve got something as awesome as Baldur’s Gate in the subject line- you’ve got to be at least a little excited.

      It runs fine, with mods.

      I'd love to see either a new game or the old game on an updated engine (officially sanctioned mods would be amazeballs)

      Yeah, I've got it running well on my PC (GOG version with recommended fan patches and high-res mod) but I'm still excited about what could come from this.

      Ok, cool. The BG series is probably my favourite set of games ever, but I was just wondering if anyone that wasn't me cared.

    "Bringing the best swipe'n'hack experience to your fingers ever. Coming to the new iPad soon".

      I would buy the shit out of that.


    Coincides with the new ipad launch - fingers crossed for an iOS port.

      Oh, I thought it was going to be something exciting. We'll find out at 8am tomorrow (vic/nsw)

    Well, the new background music links to here:

    Beamdog looks like a distro site.

    Overhaul? Sounds like a HD remake/remastering.

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