Barack Obama Locks Up The Maple Story Vote, Cluelessness Takes Second

Barack Obama has triumphed over both ignorance and the Republican primary field, in an unofficial and moderately alarming poll of players of the cartoony multiplayer online video game MapleStory.

We will not pass judgment about 47.79 per cent of respondents saying that Obama is the candidate who has left the most favourable impression of them.

We will pass judgment on the 20.85 per cent who made Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul less popular answers than "I don't know who these people are."

Pay attention, people!

The poll of 1655 US-based MapleStory players was conducted over the weekend, according to the game's publisher, Nexon. The free game's creators say they've got nine million registered users in the US, more than half of which are are between 18 and 29. They say 40 per cent are women.

Nexon didn't track poll-takers' ages due to a privacy restriction, but their survey did get their political affiliation: 34 per cent Democrat, 17 per cent Republican, 49 per cent Independent.

On the issues, MapleStory players say it's mostly about jobs. Screw the healthcare debate.

Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim said the poll helps show "what younger voters are thinking about and what is important to them."

In the same press release that mentions this real-world stuff, we get more illumination about Maple Story player priorities:

"Nexon America gave its players a chance to voice their feelings about the world inside of MapleStory. The town in Maple World that most appealed to MapleStory players was Lefre, which brings players closer to nature. Meanwhile, 58 per cent of players were most concerned about the evil that the Black

Mage was spreading throughout their virtual world."

Is the Black Mage the one who caused 20 per cent of poll takers to have no clue who any of the people running for President this year are? Or is the 20 per cent just having some fun with our pollsters?


    I wouldn't be surprised if 20% of Americans didn't know who the other candidates are.

    pretty sure its mostly people outside the US with american accounts

    Many of the players of NA Maplestory are kids who don't live in the US, I wouldn't expect them to know who the US presidency candidates are.

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