Bastion Had A… Gardening Feature?

Bastion Had A… Gardening Feature?

I don’t understand gardening, but my wife loves it. We live 200 metres from a Woolworths, so I’d prefer to just go and buy some tomatoes, but different strokes for different folks, am I right? At GDC, the creators of Bastion revealed that early iterations of the game actually had, believe it or not, a gardening feature.

“We were super, super excited about gardening on the team,” said Supergiant Games Studio Director Amir Rao, speaking at GDC.

Apparently the game had a mechanic that would allow players to plant seeds, which would then grow and develop into upgrades or other in-game areas.

“You might find a seed for a whole new world to explore,” said Rao. “You’d bring it back to the Bastion and you’d have these planters that would open up gradually.

“If you only have four planters you’d have to choose – do I plant this new interesting thing that I got that I don’t know what it does, or this other seed that I do know what it does?

“You would water your plants with cores – which were these blue things you’d find out in the world. Slowly you’d get a sprout, you’d see what it would grow into and then suddenly you’d have its fruit. Every time you opened the fruit you would get a binary, interesting choice.”

Apparently the feature was canned simply because it was too difficult to explain to players. The upgrade system was adapted into the menu and that was all she wrote.

In short — it’s easier to go to Woolworths and buy tomatoes instead of growing them.

Bastion’s axed gardening feature revealed [Eurogamer]


  • The Kid didn’t know where he had put his sickle. Might be a squirt took off with it.

    Doesn’t matter. Nothing a swing of his trusty hammer couldn’t take care of.

    Well, it could have work, ‘cept for the Kid’s heavy hand. His time on the Wall had ruined any chance of keeping a simple life in the gardens of Caelondia.

    So the Kid made his way to Woolworths instead.

  • Mark, have you compared a supermarket tomato to a home-grown one? You’re talking about a cask of bargain bin fruity lexia compared to a Grange Hermitage. A stale jam roll compared to the most succulent chocolate gateaux.

    Sure it’s easy to buy a bland, snap frozen tomato, but once you’ve got a crop a sweet juicy home grown tomatoes of your own, you’ll understand. And then you’ll have far more tomatoes than you know what to do with and grow to resent them again.

    • Dammit man… Now I need to find some awesome champagne and a succulent chocolate gateaux.
      And grow my own tomatoes…

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