Batshit Fake Star Wars Figures Are Cooler Than Real Ones

In the late 1980s, a line of bootleg Star Wars figures was released in Turkey called Uzay. What's so great about these figures isn't the fact they're horrible copies of the originals because, given the time, the toys themselves weren't that bad.

What makes them so great is the packaging.

It's just bananas. The Imperial Gunner isn't sitting at a Death Star control panel, he's hammering away on a calculator. The Tie Fighter Pilot isn't flying a Tie Fighter at all. And the Stormtrooper is on a straight-up acid trip.

Understandably, getting hold of these figures today can be tough, as many of them are incredibly rare. Still, if you're a serious collector, what price for a Chewbacca frolicking on a bad Star Trek set?

Star Wars / Uzay [SW Collectors Archive, via TDW]


    For some reason the pics under the article are all cut in half. Was hoping to see some more calculator action.

      They still haven't quite fixed the images after last year's re-format.

    Oh shit. I have to get me a HEAD MAN and STORMTROPER!

      Some people are ass men, some are boobs men, but he is a Head man.

    I lie here in wait of the one they call "name". The bait has been set, all I need is patience.

    Wooo! I think I own one of them! That stormtroper! Bought it on Queensday in Holland once yrs ago.
    Somewhere in a box in the attic!
    Lol @ see threep n head man

      got the Red royal guard dude too I believe, minus stick. I'm sure they used to come in exactly those packages haha


    did luke just stroll through a star wars reddit today?

    Haha! The stormtroper box is a classic! He looks like he got lost on set & wound up on the Austin Powers shoot!

    That Vader looks like a Mob Boss :P

    came here expecting a terrible article. Was pleasantly surprised when I got a terrible article with broken picture links. Glad to see Luke is looking for new and exciting ways to disappoint us.

      Luke Plunkett, "journalist" at large. Consistently finding new ways to disappoint readers since 2000-something-and-who-gives-a-fuck.

    Head Man - Classic

    Imperial Gunner is about to unleash hell from his TV Remote.

    AT-Driver is standing in the clouds.

    I feel sick from laughing so much.

    Not a Tie Fighter pilot.

    In related news, has every seen this bizarre new line of (official) figurines that have been released with the 'Blu-ray Deleted Scene' branding?

    I work in the toys department, so when I noticed these the other day it was a little surprising. It's kinda halfway between flat-out desparation from Hasbro or whoever (scraping the bottom of the barrell for fig ideas), but at the same time its also pretty cool. Especially the sandstorm figurines, and Luke building his lightsaber in the cave.

    There was also one that had the original 'Revenge of the Jedi' title on the box, as opposed to 'Return'.

      O rrly? Do tell :)

    If you can't post pictures, then don't post a whole article based on pictures. That can't be seen. You sir have lost credibility!

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