Battlefield 3 Proves That NES Games Had Awesome Sound Design

I saw this link earlier — a video which mixes Battlefield 3 visuals with NES sounds — and what blew me away, when I finally got round to watching it, is just how good the NES sound effects are, and how well they fit!

It sounds good! I'd actually play a game that used sound design in an inventive way like this. Why not? I love the sound of the explosions. Somehow it sounds like the noise a child would make with a toy gun.


Battlefield 3 With NES Sounds [Break]



    Man, I wish video game machine guns *did* sound like that. So much cooler... Reality be damned.

    Oh man. I've owned BF3 since it was available to pre-order and I've played it once. This video really makes me want to play it again! Stupid Origin, I keep forgetting the game even exists.

    While this video is kinda cool, it really emphasises what amazing sound battlefield has. You can tell from the sound of the ricochet what sort of gun is firing at you, you accurately predict where tanks are from their sound, and the general ambience of entirely user-generated sounds around the level (mortars, vehicles, gun fire) create some of the most amazing immersion i've seen in a game. While nes sounds are retro and cool and all, they cannot hope to provide gameplay or immersion to anywhere near the level of modern sounds.

    I know it's not from this game, but when that music started playing I couldn't help but think about the game Raptor on PC. Also, this makes Battlefield look pretty good (never played it).

    I would play battlefield with these sounds!
    If there was some sort of mod that did it, and it was in surround sound so you could know where shots were being fired.. This would be amazing!

    Wow, love it. Great work! :)

    This is just pure awesome, some of the soundbites there remind me of LifeForce/Gladius, ahh I miss those days.

    The next battlefield game needs an 8-bit sound mode! Dice's sound guys are awesome, they could do some amazing things with it while still incorporating the echo effects etc.

    The only reason this is awesome is because of the background music. If it was just normal, it would probs be annoying. except the revive sound.

    And yet, any NES game would have better hit detection than BF3.... Not hating, just stating.

    I hope to God that someone will make this possible somehow... This is just so damn cool.

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