Be The Humans, Or The Giant Shark Monster

Omegalodon is a simple little arcade action game for the PC that gives you an easy choice: either control an enormous shark monster as it smashes through a city, or control the humans trying to stop it.

Adding a little strategy to proceedings is the ability of the humans to jump in a wide range of vehicles, from choppers to jeeps to fighter aircraft.

You can play a demo of the game here, or for $US10 you can just grab the whole thing below.

Omegalodon [Official Site, via IndieGames]


    This looks pretty Interesting but I'm afraid I'm going to drop money into a game that will have active (and lag free) games for only a few weeks and then pretty much just die out like so many other Indie MP (only) games.

      Just tried the demo. Would like to add the vehicles control really bad especially with turning, requiring you to slow down to the point where it'd be faster just to go on foot. There are so few games, the one game that did eventually appear it failed to connect and gave me a typical EA/BF3 response "It couldn't connect".

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