Being A Game Tester Is Just A Damn Job, OK?

Earlier this week we posted a story article regarding the hardships of being a QA tester in the video game industry. Commenter Gunflame is here to set the record straight — it's a job, get over it.

Hey Kotaku, please don't post whiny bullshit from IGN regarding game QA. It's not accurate, and it certainly does not show the whole picture. It skews what it's really like, and it does nothing to help promote working in the industry.

Yes, the hours can be longer. But only as long as the guys in the rest of the studio. Or as long as any job anywhere when something needs to be done. It is not QA specific. It is not industry specific.

Yes, the pay is low. It's entry level, no skills required, what do you expect?

Yes, you can get dropped after completion... like the rest of the development team. It's normal, but not likely. And if you work for an outsourced company, this is what happens in all jobs all over the world. You are temp. It's obvious when you join.

QA is a job. You do not get paid to play, you get paid to test. You get paid to work. It is a very, very normal job. Do not make it out to be more than that.

There are people that I have worked with, and they love their job in QA. There are people that I have worked with, and they hate there job in QA, but they would also hate any job that is an entry level position. Monotony is expected.

Stop putting negative attention on the role. Get some better facts about the structure and flow, and push the damn issue that it's a job. IT'S A JOB. IT'S WORK.

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    Thank God. People who love playing games have this sort of idyllic vision of what testing is like, but hate playing games with bugs. It's ridiculous.

    "It's a job" isn't a legitimate excuse for the appalling conditions that QA testers have to work under in a depressingly large number of studios. There are studios who treat their testers with the respect that they deserve and its likely that if your friends love their QA work then they've probably found themselves one of these positions, but there are many, many more studios where the treatment of these people who're absolutely imperative to a games success is extremely poor.

    QA isn't glamorous work. Games development in any capacity isn't, but ignoring the problems and abusive practices of some studios only allows them to continue.

    I'd wonder if this guy would be able to get over the fact that misconceptions are based forms of reality, or that the way things are communicated are often different from reality (often intentionally.)

    Just like how the military makes out that you would get to be a commando if you join, so do does the game industry want to promote "GAMES TESTER! GET PAID TO PLAY GAMES ALL DAY!" They're not going to go with the sensible 'just a job' angle any time soon, just ask Sony and their 'reality show.'

    Retroactively, journalism attempts to bust up these claims with sensationalist 'truths' about the real industry. You can call me gullible if you wish, but I'm sure that the incorrect horrors spoken out against here is a real representation of some terrible studios workforce.

      Why are people shocked at all. Unholy hours and shit overtime are a way of life for many fields, it's a reality that the idyllic gaming wonderland isn't conveniently immune from. Try working in an ED, I still have to jump into a 7pm-7am shift because someone pulled a sickie. Game testing isn't any better or worse than many real-world jobs, it's just been inflated to sell the 'make money from games!' fantasy. It's the same thing that for-profit 'game colleges' like Qantm use to lure naive kids.


      I wouldn't bother with the comic itself, but the little write-up that comes with each issue from various anonymous industry people, mostly from QA will give a clearer idea of just why these folks have a right to complain. It's not about having to work hard. It's about having to work hard and being treated like shit for your efforts.

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