BioShock Director Bails, Says Studio And Developer Aren't Seeing Eye-To-Eye

So that, uh, BioShock movie that's supposedly in the works? Attached director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is officially off the project, according to a story over at the Playlist.

Fresnadillo doesn't offer much in the way of an explanation, other than stating that the film is "on hold". He does mention the "studio and videogame company" are having trouble agreeing on how much to spend on the flick and the rating it should aim for. "Videogame company" is a little ambiguous, but I'm going to guess it's 2K the publisher pulling the strings here, rather than developers 2K Marin or Irrational.

The article doesn't mention who, if anyone, replaced Fresnadillo.

28 Days Later is, perhaps, my most favourite film ever, so I'm not too upset to hear he's cut ties, considering the bloody shambles he made of 28 Weeks Later. At any rate, I doubt we'll hear anything BioShock movie-related before the release of BioShock Infinite — the cogs of Hollywood can be slow to turn.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Says He's No Longer Directing 'Bioshock' [Playlist]


    Well it would be almost impossible to get an R rating for a videogame based movie.

      Pretty much this. Good luck to the Paul Anderson when he finally gets around to making the PG-13 Bioshock movie the studios want ;)

    Someone needs to work on their headlines...

    The headline made me think that Ken Levine had left Bioshock...

    As for the actual news, I'm not that concerned. I'm sick of seeing terrible game movies. I'm glad that a game company seems to be involved with the film for once; if they can't reach an agreement and the film never gets made then it's probably for the better.

    Damn, this movie has a lot of potential to be awesome.

    Movie Company: Lets make it a zombie movie
    Game Company: NO!
    Director: I Quit!

    I thought 28 Weeks Later was awesome...
    The first one was so unique, so I found it pretty refreshing the sequel wasn't trying to go for the same vibe... I like it when sequels buck the trends and do something different from the movie before.

    Yeah, seriously, put movie in the title or something, I nearly died

    Bioshock will never make a successful transfer to film with the way things are now. It's story is too deep. The only games that have been any good in terms of movies are Mortal Kombat 1 and the RE films and only because the stories were so shallow to begin with there was plenty of wiggle room. So I hope that this film doesn't see the light of day till it can be done right. I've already lost Transformers, and now TMNT is going to be ruined, I can't take another hit so soon.

      "Bioshock will never make a successful transfer to film with the way things are now. It’s story is too deep."

    May I suggest - Bladerunner, Alien, Adaptation and Brazil. If you think 28 days later is the best film ever.... watch more movies.

    Hey, watch the sensationalist headlines eh! Thought Ken Levine had ditched Bioshock Infinite. Dont scare me like that!

      Yeah that wasn't cool, Kotaku.
      -1 respect

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