BioWare Gives All 400 Protest Cupcakes To Charity

As promised, 400 cupcakes commissioned as a protest against the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy arrived at developer BioWare's offices today.

They were not, however, gobbled up by BioWare employees.

Writing on the company's forums, Chris Priestley says that while "we appreciate creative and thoughtful" acts of feedback, "we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or accomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team."

As a result, instead of eating them all up, BioWare donated all 400 cupcakes to a local youth shelter. Where, presumably, after picking their colours and finishing their last bite, the kids were left wondering whether their choice had really been that important, and if somebody could please come in an explain what the hell just happened.

Cupcakes [BioWare]


    And the Mass Effect 'fanbase' began complaining that they weren't given a choice as to which charity the cupcakes were donated.

      I'm sure the entire fanbase did, why even I must have- being a ME fan.

      Ya tool

    Great response.
    Well played Bioware.

    How do you protest a bad ending to a video game?
    Piece of cake.

    “...we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or accomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team.”

    ...uuum, yeah, wasn't that the point? To NOT praise the ME3 team?

      Which is why they didn't eat them.

      If you were working on something for several years and then someone sent you a pile of cupcakes that said "fuck you, your work sucks" would you want them? Because that's basically what this is.

        I wouldn't let ANY message get in the way of free cupcakes. Not even if the message was "do not eat: these are full of poison"

          For a minute there I thought I was the only person who thinks like this!

          You NEVER turn down free cupcakes.

      And they chose not to accept the not-praise.

        Thats more choice then the ending of ME3

    Is that an MDK2 statue or poster in the background?
    It's throwing off my sense of perception like crazy. How far back is that wall, how big is that thing? how big are those god damn cupcakes

    Ok... the tail end of this article made me chuckle.

    The announcement made me kinda sad. I thought the cupcakes were a jerk move from the beginning, and to hear that Bioware would rather give them away then eat them is… sad. :( Now I have a picture of a Bioware employee crying and sobbing into a cupcake in my head.

      *sniff*... I miss you cupcake...

        I wanna watch the scary monkey show!

    You would have to be a real jerkface for making cupcakes seem non-appetising to someone.

    Taking Priestly's quotes;
    “...we appreciate creative and thoughtful acts of feedback"

    “we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or accomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team.”

    So they only accept criticism that praises the game?

      Did you seem them going on about their metacritic score using it as a justification as to why the fan are bad and critics are good?

      If the cupcakes were sent as genuine congratulations or a token of appreciation it's another story.

      But they could hardly accept something that was sent as a deliberate jab (in three colours, no less, and with a bunch of fan letters about sweetness replacing bitter endings), and that people sent to get a message across that they didn't like the game.

      If you look at what the devs are doing, they've had people literally reading feedback 24/7 for weeks, including collecting all the critical quotes they can find.

    I'll just leave this here

    If they were made by the "protestors", we can assume their was a distinct lack of hand-washing involved, as per the poor hygiene doctrine of obese neckbeards.

    Good decision, Bioware.

      They weren't physically made by the protesters, they were ordered through a bakery.

        I don't think I should put the word 'If' at the beginning of my reply, as you might not see it, so.... IF you read js's comment correctly, he begun the comment with 'If'.

        js: there, not their.

    I'm sure some of the workers would have loved a cup cake regardless.

      I'm sure at least some of the Bioware employees had pointed out the issues with the ending or had reservations about the ending. It's those people that deserve cupcakes for not trashing their own product (no matter how bad it is) and dealing with the storm of player feedback since release.

    If it were me I would be worried about whether my hate cakes were poisoned.

    i like this the people behind the push for a better ending have needed another hook since the douche's who run childs play decided that beggars can in fact be choosers and this sortve thing fits the bill nicely

      Firstly, *douches
      Secondly, I've read and re-read your comment several times and still cannot take any meaning from it.
      Wtf, sir.

        yea i wrote that at 2 in the morning i wasnt thinking straight i inteneded to comment on the ridiculousness of a charity refusing money and how the cupcakes were a fun new type of activism

    You can give cupcakes to charity? lol What are they supposed to do with it, send it to Afrika??

      There are actually quite a few charities around that make use of left-over catering/cafe/restaurant food to supply to the homeless.

    Good thinkin, let the hobo's test them for poison

    You're looking at approx $1600 worth of cupcakes there. Food charities are hard to donate to, I wonder just where these cakes actually went and how many were eaten.

    Now i feel even worse for bioware.. they didn't even get cake.. Maybe i should save up and send them a praise cake

    so how exactly are you supposed to show your frustration to bioware than? do they really only accept positive praise and ignore all else? sounds like EA.

    i didn't think they would eat them though but i just hope the ME team saw them delivered. visual impact is important in peaceful protesting

      You can show your frustration however you like. The thing about showing frustration is that people are always going to do that for ANYTHING that ANYONE does. It is arrogant and ego-centric to expect that your expression of frustration actually be acknowledged.

      Seriously, this was a dick move. It might've been more polite than some of the truly olympic-level moaning that's been going on, but it's back-handed passive-aggressive polite in the same way as that aunt who tells you to cheer up because she's sure there has to be somebody out there who'll find you attractive enough to mate with and give children, if circus freaks can do it.

      These people should not be proud of what they did. At least Bioware did the classy thing and acted with dignity.

    Mass Effect 3 is the first Bioware game that I haven't bought (and have no plans to).

    Frankly, after Dragon Age 2, then reading about the ending and gameplay of ME3 - Bioware's games have gone from "must have" to "meh". I don't need to send them cupcakes over it, I just won't be sending them my money any more.

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