BioWare Says It Hasn't Ruled Out Changing Mass Effect 3's Ending

The developer posted on Facebook today to say it is "collecting and considering" fan feedback about the controversial ending. BioWare did not mention whether it will be going to the FTC to complain about its fans. [Facebook]


    They're not changing the ending. The indoctrination theory is true, and they were planning this all along.

      I can't help but read this imagining the person saying it curled up into a ball in the corner of the room under a desk, rocking back and forth, and repeating it to themselves again and again.

    You mean they'll rewrite the ending to remove the plot holes? (spoilers below)
    - like talking to Miranda (via hololink) whilst she is supposedly busy in a fighter up in space fighting the reapers?
    - or the whole question of why Joker and the Normandy ran off and left Shep on the citadel despite through 99% of the ME1, 2 &3 they were always there to save his/her butt?
    - or how Liara, who was on the mission on Earth with my Shep and Garrus, somehow was also on the Normandy, yet there was no sign of poor Garrus.

    I'm really starting to think that BW/EA have already developed a different ending that they knew would make players happy, but realised they would earn more money releasing it as DLC. There is no way they could have made so many plot holes in the ending without someone on the team noticing.

    Still can't admit they blew it.

    ...They could've posted something more, Mass Effect 3 has been in flames since Tali's face was revealed and endings were shown.

    "We are NOT sorry about Photoshop stock image of Tali's face, or the minor tweaked ending cinematics(colours) or breaking our promises or *goes on about all the problems*.

    this was clearly a rushed production, thats why we're making our next DLC, "Finish it for REALZ", you see how we emphasized on the "REALZ"? and extra hour (or more) for only $30! that's more profit for us from those dumbas- woops, customers, who keeps buying our shit(literally)! extra hour to the ruine- i mean, GREATEST franchise! oh btw, did we mention we can make a 3D face for some IGN chick and not for Tali? we did? great!"

    Ok well enough of that, I was about to do a re-run from ME1 to ME3, but knowing that it doesn't matter...sigh.

      I don't get the Tali's face thing. Literally. I didn't see that in the game. And she was my Shep's love interest so I was actually expecting it. Certainly she whips the mask off a few times, but always facing away from the camera.

      Was that actually a hoax or did I just not hit the right conditions to see it?

        You're right - You never see Tali's face in-game (AFAIK?). That 'stock photo' is actually just the person who does the voice for Tali. So I really don't see what the big deal is about finding out who really voiced Tali.

          compared to some of the awesome fan art out there, it was a major let-down.

          She somewhat resembles her to a point, but it's not the voice actor. It's a stock photo, but it's only shown in a few specific instances depending on decisions you made/make.

    Someone please take the ending script to a real writer ,mac walters thinks hes more of an artist. Notice how ME3 ends like a comic? Cos he dos comics........?

      A proper comic writer would crap all over his work from a great height. I just looked him up, as I'd never heard of him before. As far as I can tell he's written a single comic that was not based in the Mass Effect universe.

      I can say with absolute certainty that he's no Warren Ellis or Mike Carey. In fact, Bioware should have hired Warren Ellis to do ME3! He's written great stories for games before. Hostile Waters and Dead Space being among them.

        Yes, but Warren Ellis hates People and leaves nothing sacred. He would do his damnedest to make People cry. His ending would be awesome, but the nerdrage wouldn't be self-righteous whining as much as it would be lawsuits to pay for therapy.

    Don't really care at this point, but fair enough for those that do.
    This is the second time they've tried the ending (see leaking incident) and the second time it's been utterly abysmal and contrary to everything the series has been trying to evoke, I see no reason to think the same bad writers will somehow fix it with another attempt. Furthermore I just have no desire to go back, I experienced it, I mourned it, I think it's an excellent case study worth examining, but redoing it at this point is analogous to experiencing the death of loved one again, albeit on a lesser level.

    so what is this ending i have never played any of the mass effect games, but for some reason all u guys are in an uproar about the ending...... seriously guys as if they would change an ending when they spent millions of dollars on the game u are the consumers not the creators when u guys own your own gaming company then u can create as many games as u want, and make as many alternate endings as u want..... until that time just play the fricking game......

      Lol, coming from someone who doesn't play mass effect, , why would you be on this thread, to see a bunch of fan boys complain? well shit, you got it.

    Stop feeding them, Bioware. Just don't talk about the ending at all and the nerd rage will vanish just like it did with the boycotts of Modern Warfare, Valve games etc...

    Get over it people. There's one thing people aren't getting. ME3 was the ending, the whole game. ME1 was the intro, ME2 was the middle and ME3 was the end. the whole game not just the last 15mins.

      nope, a new ending is coming silly silly si.lly

      nope, a new ending is coming silly silly si.lly

    I enjoyed the ending on facevalue alone - Just to get an ending to the saga is good. But to anyone, like me, who thinks its a good ending at all once thought about, then you're deluding yourself. Please go read some of the great articles that dissect the ending. There are ridiculous plot holes and how can you not show the aftermath of all the characters you've put countless hours into?
    For those who are Harry Potter fans - Imagine if the books ended right when Harry kills Voldemort (err, spoiler? :P ). How could you live with not knowing what happened to everyone else who was standing there watching?

    Also, I love how ME3 slaps a "Be sure to stay tuned for some great DLC to cover off the rest later!" right at the end. Its a bit of a kick in the teeth.

    I dunno what everyone is on about. I am a long time fan of Mass Effect series and I thought the ending was both epic and sad, but also fitting. It was much more moving and thought provoking than any other video game ending that I've come across in recent years. I can't even remember how other games end, I will definitely remember how ME series ends, even 10 years from now.

    So it doesn't end like a fairytale, sorry to you western Hollywood-esc ending lovers, but not all good stories end with icecream and chuba chubs for all. To sum it up ME3 was a Action, RPG, Space Opera Tragedy.

    Seems to me that people have forgotten a recent Mass Effect novel which is going to be changed by bioware due to the writers poor understanding of the source material.

      It was actually the fans complaining about it that made Bioware change it. Entirely possible that the game could be changed.

    If this "lets cut out parts of the ending and leave plot abysses so dumb gamers will purchase our DLC for closure" method is the new face of EA's scheme or other publishers, the world of gaming is looking damn, fucking bleak. All this investment into such a solid universe and story and we all get shit shovelled in our faces. Those who say the ending was good is like a witness saying he didn't see an armed criminal because if you say anything, he'll kill you. Not to mention that EA's damage control that gets put into every forum post makes them seem disgustingly deceitful.

    Not only is the ending hardly worth the investment into Mass Effect we all put in, it's a piss-poor excuse for putting in more money into sub par downloadable content and it's all apart of EA's blatant, assumed mentality of the average gamer, hardcore or otherwise...

    Simply put: I want my fucking money's worth EA. And for you to release BioWare and Westwood and other poor developers you are putting in range of your whip, released.

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