BioWare Says It's Working On Mass Effect 3 Face Import Errors

If you've tried to import your old Mass Effect character into Mass Effect 3, you might have noticed that his or her face is missing. Developer BioWare says it's working on the problem. [BioWare]


    They've known about this since the demo was released. It should have been fixed already.

    Hopefully fixed by the time I fire it up (tonight, if it breaks street date).

    When I imported my character into ME3 last night my default male shep came back as a rather chubby dark skinned individual.... interesting.

    What a colossal fuck up by Bioware. Too busy spending resources on DLC to actually properly bug fix their game.

      Too busy with swtor aswell :(

    its not really a f**k up......they did just give us one of the BIGGEST GAMES OF THE YEAR so cut them some slack.... it wont take long for them to fix so get over it.....
    (I hope it breaks street date in AYR)

      Considering this game is all about YOUR Shepard and this bug affect only the loyal fans playing since the first one...yes, this is a BIG f-up.

    Hope this'll be patched by the time it launches here

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