BioWare Says Mass Effect 3 Shipped 3.5 Million


    Not sure why but I cannot get enthused to play this. Day 1 I was only able to play for an hour or so at a time. Day 2 and 3 I have not even touched the game. Been more enthused to re watch the back catalog of Top Gear...

    With an average user score of 3.3 on metacritic btw

      Interesting - it's jumped to 5.5 at this point, but that still seems low. I read a few of the reviews and they all seem to be "I love Mass Effect. I loved playing this game. I hated the ending so much that I now hate Mass Effect".

      I'm about to start playing ME3 and now I'm really interested about this ending!

      99% of the negative reviews are perople 0-bombing the user rating because of day one DLC and/or Origin. Few of them have actually played the game or have any reasonable criticisms.

    Critic scores are worthless. If you've got the publisher's advertising all over your website, you can't give a game a bad score without being smacked upside the head. Even if the user scores seem harsh and eerily similar to internet pranks, they're honestly a better indicator than 95% of review websites out there. Kotaku is probably guilty of this too.

    Surely there's something that can be marketed on these websites that ISN'T video games? If the review products weren't advertised all over, then maybe video game journalism would regain some integrity.

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