Bit.Trip Runner's Sequel Just Keeps On Running

The ridiculously good Bit.Trip Runner has a sequel, of sorts, on the way. It's not part of the Bit.Trip series, though, so it's simply called Runner 2. Which about sums up what's going on.

Note that, as good as this already looks, it's a "super sneaky peek" at pre-alpha code, which you'll eventually realise with the lack of effects or background animations.

Trailer: Runner 2 Pre-Alpha Footage (Gaijin Games) [IndieGames]


    Bit Trip Runner was awesome, but it was too hard and replaying entire levels was a huge chore. Awesome idea, but too difficult.

      In the first couple of seconds I could have sworn I saw a checkpoint. If it is than our prayers have been answered!

    Call me crazy..... but this looks like a 3DS game...

    I don't like how everything is 3d now. Commander video is kind of iconic (i dunno) because he was 2d and rainbows came out of him.

      2D? Rainbows? What is he, some kind of tribute to the Atari 2600 aesthetic?

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