Bizarre Metamorphosis: This Female Character Looks Totally Different!

Newly released Blades of Time is a spiritual successor to X-Blades, a hack-and-slash game noteworthy if only for its risqué Japanese style character design.

Blades of Time is the game's spiritual successor. Kotaku has covered the title before (here), but honestly, this title hasn't been on my radar. At all.

It stars Ayumi, who appeared in X-Blades, but boy, does she ever look different. Gone are the Japanese stylings for a more realistic Western style.

X-Blades was developed by Russia's Gaijin Entertainment in North America in 2009. The studio also developed Blades of Time, but what a difference a few years make.

「Xブレード」 進化の歴史 [アルファルファモザイク]


    much prefer the western one, it looks realistic...well, comparatively

      And kinda screams to me of Lara wannabe (note they also gave Ayumi a british accent to boot =P) to me.

      I didn't mind the original Xblades but after seeing the redesign for Time I will most likely pass. I guess it will probably attract a different set of fans/players tho which is good i guess =P

      Just not a big fan of radical redesigns xD

    Is anyone getting the feeling Bashcraft's disappointed?

    That said, she's still not exactly dressed for battle.

    But i like the old style :I


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