Boy Band Lasers Inspires StarCraft And Gundam Jokes

Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK or "Tohoshinki" in Japan) unloaded a laser light SPECTACULAR during a broadcast on local television.

While the show took place in 2008 (so old!), it's recently become a meme in Korea, where it continues to amuse the internet — especially of late.

The show inspired Photoshops and comparisons to StarCraft, Gundam, and Star Wars. One Korean forum member even quipped, "The audience gets free LASIK."

Watch the clip below — with goggles, preferably.

(웃대펌) 레이저 사서 기쁜 KBS [Today's humour via Korea Bang]


    Ze goggles, zay do nuzzing!!!!

    Brain bleach required. When does it stop being a boy band and start being a band of boys. Geez, they have enough members yet? I don't even know if I counted right. Was there eleven of them??

    What's really spooky was when they suddenly sing a line in Engrish, like " .... I really wanna touch myself ... " then straight back into Korean. D=

    Please don't do that again Brian. Stick with your forte, the lolicosplay.

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