British Commentary Makes Everything Funnier, Especially Basketball

Comedian Anthony Richardson knows how to make basketball even more entertaining — fill it with hilarious, clueless commentary that seems to be voiced by somebody who has never watched a game of hoops in his life. Check out this video of him commentating on an NBA 2k12-simulated matchup of last week's NBA All Star Game.

"You would'a thought that they'd get it in every time, but that's why basketball's so exciting, apparently," he notes.

Yes, Anthony. Yes it is.

NBA All Star Game 2012 | Game Highlights | NBA Playthrough [YouTube, via Grantland]


    pretty funny but would have been hilarious if it had been steve coogan (as alan partridge)

    he actually made a good point in there. Anyone else noticed that most of the elite players have a last name that's usually a first name?

    James, Wade, Rose, Howard, Paul, Bryant.....

    The moral of the story is to change ur last name to a first name if u wanna become an elite baller.

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