Building A Better Mech In Armored Core V

Building A Better Mech In Armored Core V

You can never have too many giant killer riding robots. Thanks to Armored Core V’s customisation options, you’ll soon be able to put that ancient wisdom to the test.

Customizing your own ride is one of the best features of an Armored Core game. I might have spent more time putting my mech together in the last game than engaging in actual combat. Judging by the options being shown off in this video, that’ll likely happen again when armoured Core V hits stores on March 20 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It’s probably for the best. Those bosses look pretty intimidating. I’ll just stay inside and paint.


  • Anyone here keen for this? With such a strong MP component it feels like it will be a ghost town once it comes out. Oh well.

  • Newbie going into armored core 4, was pretty intimidated and didn;t know what was what … left the game after a few hours, and I was such a huge mecha fan 🙁

  • hahah I loved AC games on PS3, played the hell out of them
    the customisation was fun because it allowed you another way to ‘cheat’ the game and pass missions with the highest ratings, by twisting the game mechanics to make your life easier.

    Nothing is more fun than building a totally illogical build and killing a mission with it, through creative thinking 🙂

  • I love this series and will be spending much of my spare time online with it. New hud looks great.

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