Canabalt Runs Onto PlayStation Platforms This Week

Adam Saltsman's Canabalt, the 2009 flash game sensation and mobile gaming hit, is making its way to PS3, PSP and PS Vita through the PlayStation Mini offerings in the PlayStation Store.

Saltsman tweeted earlier this past week that the game is already available as a Mini in Europe, and it will arrive in North America sometime in the coming week.

Saltsman has signed on to develop an action game based on the popular Hunger Games book series, which will "go along with" the film's release on March 22.

[via Joystiq]


    This is a great phone game. Would be interested to see what it plays like on a big screen. (Will personally need an xbox release for that though)

      I've played it on a PC hooked up to my TV. It's pretty amazing.

      Still play this from time to time on my phone.

    Has anyone tried the PSN version. Is it worth the asking price or should I just stick to the free flash version or cheaper IOS version? Are there any extra features for example, alternate modes, different colour schemes etc.

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