Capcom Is Opening A Real, Retail Store

Earlier this year, Capcom opened an official Capcom bar, where people can get hammered. And in coming months, it's opening an official Capcom shop, where people can buy stuff.

Other Japanese game companies have official shops in Japan — Konami, for example, has a Konami store in Roppongi Hills.

The Capcom store, which is called Capcom Official Shop e-Capcom Odaiba Branch, opens on April 4. It will carry goods, including limited edition items, which Capcom offers through its e-Capcom online shop.

カプコン初のオフィシャルショップ1号店「カプコンオフィシャルショップ イーカプコンお台場出張所」 [Gamer]


    Can you buy the full version of a game though?

      Maybe it will be a thrift store where you can buy new outfits for $4 a piece? ;)

    That's not the "True Store", sure you might be able to walk into it and purchase items, but to access the "True Store" in all it's CAPCPOM glory then you will need to pay an additional free and they will let you through the sealed door in the back!

    I'm more concerned about the EULA I have to agrre to before any purchase.


    Do I need to connected to the internet to enter the store? (ie : PSN - Final Fight & Bionic Commando)

    Dang. Now I can get Okami on the new CAPCPOM shirt? Doesn't matter how many platforms you port it to CAPCPOM you're never breaking even :(

    Will it have watermarks, that's the question that needs answering!

    I'm concerned I may have stumbled on one of these fabled 'bootleg stores' errors everywhere. 'Revelaitons' 'chanllenges' 'CAPCPOM'? No way I'd see any of these errors on a genuine product surely....

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