Capcom Says It's Working On A Patch For Street Fighter X Tekken

This past week saw multiple YouTube videos demonstrating infinite (or nearly infinite) combinations across multiple characters in Street Fighter X Tekken.

One involves some gem usage, and believed to be tool-assisted, but four others are confirmed. It's enough of an issue that Capcom on Friday informed fans the game's development team is looking at a patch solution.

Super-user Maximillian put together this compilation video above that breaks down each infinite and assesses its impact on the game's balance. These are the four discovered:

• Kazuya: Maximilian calls this one the easiest to perform, and given that it is with a character in all editions, it's the worst of the bunch. However, it only works against a third of the roster — mostly the larger characters.

• Kuro: Discovered by Desk, this one is the easiest to perform, but, unlike Kazuya, Kuro is also a console-exclusive character, and the infinite probably won't be seen in tournament play. But it definitely sucks to deal with it online. It involves hitting a medium punch off of a tag switch, and if you pull that off, you can land medium punches.

• Xiayou: The one-frame link between the attacks makes this not a practical infinite, but it exists.

• Pac-Man: The hardest of all. But Pac-Man is a console exclusive character, which means this shouldn't be much of an issue in tournaments.

Additionally, some infinites have been discovered for Steve, but they appear to involve speed gems and tool assists. You may see them here on Shoryuken.

"The dev team is also already working on solutions to the infinite combos currently making the rounds on YouTube," Capcom said on Friday on its Capcom-Unity blog, "and will have them patched up once these other updates are out the door."

Street Fighter x Tekken Infinite Combo Update by Maximilian [Shoryuken]


    now how about a patch for the horrible sound in online matches and a patch for xbox so it has all the features as advertised pre-release......

    This game has just been a train wreck from day 1. I'm surprised capcom fans still put up with this shit.


    Seriously though, we all saw it coming. Cross Tekken was never going to be anything but silly, so when it turned out silly we all nodded contently. It's a Vs game at heart, they are meant to be broken.

    Still, it's nice that we don't have to wait for a Super edition to balance it [though patch updates like this is not new, they did it a few times for MvC3].

    now to fix the spammy and untouchable bosses, and to remove the gems.

      I don't know what version of the game you're playing, but the bosses are by no means untouchable. While Akuma is certainly the tougher of the two, both are quite beatable without any advanced techniques whatsoever. Name any boss from another main series Street Fighter title and you'll find they were harder to beat and/or cheaper (particularly Gill; what a dick).

      And when it comes to gems, while I'm not necessarily a fan of them, the fact that they're mostly ineffective unless you're looking at higher level play means that their removal isn't really required. Just ignore them or use the defaults.

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