Charitable Donations Don’t Give You The Right To Demand Changes To Mass Effect 3

Note: This post contains mild spoilers.

There is a group of people on the internet demanding changes be made to the way Mass Effect 3 ended. They are serious. They are so serious, in fact, that they’ve attached themselves to the Child’s Play charity in the hope this makes them appear less “angry or entitled”.

It doesn’t work, of course, but bless them for trying.

The group, called “Retake Mass Effect”, has a mission statement, which while acknowledging “it is the right of the writers and developers of the Mass Effect series to end that series however they see fit”, very quickly goes on to “respectfully request additional endings be added”, including “a heroic ending which provides a better sense of accomplishment”.

There’s a very big line to cross between being disappointed in the creative work of others and actively demanding it be changed (or added to) to suit your own wishes. It never ceases to amaze me how often people don’t see it.

Complain all you want about how a game ends, be as disappointed as your heart can humanly take, but don’t ever start demanding story-telling by focus group. If you think game plots are bad now, wait until you see that dark future.

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