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CheapSkate Gamer

So, I decided to start my own petition!

We should be allowed to edit the comments on Kotaku AU. Not just ours, any of them. Not happy with the comments at the end of the article? Change them! Make them better (or worse)! Getting sick of a troll? Change his comments so he’s talking about puppies and flowers instead! Freedom for the people! Power for the masses! There will be much rejoicing and celebrating, and then, not long after, much weeping and gnashing of teeth as the comments section becomes a sort of Kotaku Apocalypse! And then I, Lord Lambomann, will step up and become the Lord of the Kotakusphere, and I will rule over the commenters with an iron fist! Mwahahahahahaha!

Wait. I didn’t mean to reveal my evil plan to you all. Uh, um, here, check this out, this should help you forget all about it!

New Releases

Anno 1404 Gold Edition
PC Retail – $12.99

DiRT 3 Complete Edition
PS3 – $34.99
Xbox 360 – $34.99

Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle
PS3 – ~$49.12

Yakuza Dead Souls
PS3 – $41.99


Digital Download
All Zombies Must Die! – $7.99
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – $4.99
Hacker Evolution Collection – $6.49
Hacker Evolution Duality – $12.47
L.A. Noire – $14.99
Majesty 2 Collection – $4.99
Neverwinter Nights 2: Gold – $7.48
Orcs Must Die! – $3.74
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum – $9.98
Sanctum Collection – $5.50

Crysis 2 – $16.99
GTA IV Complete Edition – $24.99
Mafia 2: Director’s Cut – ~$19.30
Rage: Anarchy Edition – ~$19.30
Star Wars: The Old Republic – $46.99
Total War: Shogun 2 – $13.99
Total War: Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Limited Edition – $24.99
Tropico 4 Special Edition – ~$19.30

Xbox 360

Borderlands GOTY – ~$22.28
Crysis 2 – ~$22.28
Gears of War 3 – $29.99
Kinect Sports Season 2 – $36.99
Mass Effect 3 – ~$55.08
Portal 2 – ~$20.79
Rayman Origins – $25.99
Space Marine – ~$19.30


Borderlands GOTY – ~$22.28
Crysis 2 – ~$22.28
Demon’s Souls – ~$19.30
F3AR – ~$17.67
Mass Effect 3 – ~$55.08
Operation Flashpoint Red River – $12.99
Portal 2 – ~$20.28
Rayman Origins – ~$29.71
Saints Row The Third – $34.99
Sonic Generations – $25.99
Space Marine – ~$19.30


Hasbro Family Game Night 4 – ~$20.28
Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics – $32.99
Mario Party 9 – $43.99
Monopoly Collection – ~$20.28
Pandora’s Tower Special Edition (pre-order) – $49.99
Rayman Origins – ~$22.28
The Last Story: Limited Edition – ~$56.57
Xenoblade Chronicles – $38.99


Bit Trip Saga (pre-order) (3DS) – $39.99
Kid Icarus: Uprising (pre-order) (3DS) – $44.99
Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga – $21.99
Lego Star Wars III – $21.99
Mario Kart 7 (3DS) – $44.99
Pokemon Guardian Ranger Signs – $27.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (3DS) – ~$22.28
Super Scribblenauts – ~$14.83
Super Street Fighter IV (3DS) – ~$22.28
Wario: Master of Disguise – ~$19.30

And remember, you didn’t see any evil plans in this article. *Jedi mind trick*


  • We should be allowed to edit the comments on Kotaku AU. Not just ours, any of them.

    This will not end well. . .

    I’ve got an even better idea, allow us to edit articles, sure it’d most likely destory Kotaku for all intentrs and purposes but at the very least the implosion before that would be quite the spectacle.

    • It’s been sitting pretty at $20 for a good while now…
      Got a bunch of mates to pick it up for exterminatus mode alone.
      Single player is pretty great too =)

    • I should write up something explaining what cheapskate gamer is and stick it in the article each week seeing as though kotaku au seems to be getting a lot of new people reading it these days (\o/). Basically it’s a weekly (well, it’s supposed to be weekly…) article pointing out games that are on sale, game deals, stuff like that. 😉

  • Pokemon Guardian Ranger Signs should be Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs.

    I haven’t played Guardian Signs yet, but I have to say you’re doing a disservice if you overlook the Pokemon Ranger series as being just a cash generating spinoff, they are very good games. Though I’m waiting for the price to fall a bit further still before buying it, you can pick up the original Ranger game near the $10 mark now.

  • $15 is such a good deal for LA Noire on Steam.

    NOTE: It says $15 for standard and $30 for complete.

    BUT you can buy the standard for $15 and the DLC seperate for $9, it works out $6 (US, you save another $1 or 2 when converted) cheaper than the complete edition. It even lists it as the complete edition in your Steam games if you buy them separate!

  • Just a word of warning, Burnout Paradise Ultimate box doesn’t want to run on windows 7. Crashes every time on startup. Don’t buy it. Also Big W has BF3 for $58 on sale right now, saw it while I was working.

      • I’ve got windows 7 64bit as well, still doesn’t seem to run, and if you research it, ALOT of people have the same problem. Guess you’re one of the lucky ones.

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