Chinese Artists Build Transformers 'Theme Park'

Under the guidance of sculptor Zhu Kefeng, a team of artists in China have cobbled together around 600 giant statues of Transformers (and some other cartoon characters) and put them all on display at a single location, the "Mr. Iron Robert Theme Park".

Iron. Robert.

The park (which really, looks more like a gallery) is located in Jiaxing city. "I hope the park provides the visitors, especially the children, not only happiness, but also the spirits of green development and environment protection", Zhu told Chinese news agency Bless him.

Work began on the non-Transformers characters a decade ago, while plans for the current park were formed in 2010. Zhu and his team go through so much steel and iron that he's founded his own recycling facility just to get his hands on enough material.

"I feel very glad when the children visit my park and enjoy the happiness here. I still remember the joy when I play iron toys in my childhood, I'd like to share the joy with children when I'm able to build a theme park. Joy shared with others are more enjoyed."

Robot Theme Park in E. China's Zhejiang Province [, via TDW]


    It's called both "robert" and "robot" in the article, meaning it could just be a crap source and not the real name, and kotaku is making fun of the wrong people. But finding out the correct answer would obviously mean journalism and we can't have that.

    Not to belittle these great statues but... Don't theme parks typically have rides and such? This is like some soviet child zoo with scrap metal work. The blue "transformer" looks especially depressing.

    You wait this is all part of chinas plan those arnt statues they are full functioning deathbots and waiting to strike.
    You were all warned.


    Those look awesome

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