Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Pac-Man In The Face

If you play Pac-Man by running around controlling a yellow blob eating pellets and either chasing or running away from ghosts, you're doing things the hard way.

Chuck Norris doesn't do things the hard way. He does them the Chuck Norris way.

Y esto pasaría si chuk fuera pacman…[Random Weas!, via Gamefreaks]


    Screw Chuck Norris, he ruined Expendables 2. How dare he demand it be made PG or he won't appear. He can go get $%#@ed by a hedgehog named Sonic.

    Seriously Chuck, go die.

      I'm getting sick of that story.

      If he doesn't want to act in a movie because he doesn't agree with its coarse language that's his choice and it's really not a problem. It's not like you need to swear to make a good movie.

      The first movie was originally PG-13 and they went and added crappy looking CGI blood to it because the Internet whinged. It was still terrible.

      The changes requested by Chuck Norris are not going to make or break the film. There have been plenty of excellent PG-13 action films, and if removing the swearing was all it took to reduce the rating then they were going for the lower rating in the first place.

        The Expendables, like Rambo, is all about buildings, cars and people blowing up. Also people getting killed in numerous gory ways. That was what made the first Expendables so much fun. It was a throwback to the good old 80s and 90s action movies. I certainly dont remember anyone swearing as that was not what it was about. Removing just swearing is not going to make an Expendables movie PG and anyone who thinks that is all that will happen is kidding themselves.
        And anyway it's not like Chuck is going to bring anything to the movie. He was a bad actor in the 90s and they are only putting him in due to the whole "Chuck Norris" jokes.

          That's basically my point. He only complained about the swearing. Removing just swearing would not make something like Terminator or Rambo PG-13, so they were obviously already making a lower rated movie.

          You may have misunderstood the rating a little, though. PG-13 in the US is not the same as PG here. It maps pretty closely to our M rating.

          You can get away with a lot in a PG-13 movie as long as you don't show blood and only use the dreaded "F word" once. That's why the original Expendables was filmed without blood squibs and they put them back in later.

          Fora point of reference, "Taken" was rated PG-13 in the US, as was the terrible "Max Payne" movie. Both were MA here.

      Who cares? Chuck Norris AND Arnold Schwartzenegar will be in it! I can live without an R rating if I can see them both in the same movie.

    i hate you luke

    cant eve play that sucks

    >Chuck Norris jokes
    Come ON. It's time for the internet to drop that old bag of crap.

    Chuck Norris! Welcome to 2002 Luke. Be sure to check out GTA: Vice City.

    What did you say?

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