Clearing Out Goldeneye 007 With A Steering Wheel

Using a Nintendo 64 emulator and a Logitech DFGT steering wheel, YouTube user welovelordtaco has beaten Goldeneye 007's Facility level in spectacular fashion.

I don't know why anyone would ever consider using a steering wheel to play a first-person shooter, but hey, we all have our hobbies.

Goldeneye 007 Facility Challenge With A Steering Wheel [YouTube via Reddit]


    Whats with the Awesome Duke Nukem 3D cover (by Megadeth)?
    I suppose it is a little 007ish....

    Wow. Never remember the graphics being so bad.

    When we only had 3 xbox 360 controllers we managed to use a Guitar Hero guitar for the fourth! It was really difficult but you could actually get around the map in Call of Duty 2 and even get a couple of kills! We actually had to take turns with using the guitar so we could see who was the best at it!

    Reminds me of those TF2 Videos where the guy plays heavy with a racing wheel.

    Pfft, not quick enough to get Invincibility cheat = not good enough.

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