Command & Conquer Is A Sad Browser Game

Command & Conquer Is A Sad Browser Game
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Those with faint stomachs may want to avoid clicking on this, lest they look upon what has become of this once-mighty franchise and despair.

Unveiled late last year, Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is a browser-based take on the old real-time strategy series, which manages to combine the terms “massively multiplayer”, “browser-based” and “free-to-play” in a single sentence that makes it sound like just about the saddest video game ever released.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the trailer above. And if none of this dissuades you, the game’s in open beta, right now.


  • Free to play browser based game that’s massively multiplayer set in the command and conquer universe and that’s sad?

    Would be nice if Luke tried these games rather than pass judgement on them from a trailer that is less than 60 seconds. Browser based games like this are great for us gamers that work 9 to 5 jobs and need something to do during our down time at work, be it breaks or if your allowed to browse the net. Something that doesn’t require 100% of your attention and you can spend 5 minutes playing and feel like you are archiving something is great. It’s why Zygena games are so popular, so why shoot down a game that doesn’t affect anyone for simply existing?

  • IIRC Tiberium Alliances is just a little side project (ie. someway for EA to milk the rotting corpse of a franchise) while they work on the new CnC5 title they’ve anounced (ie. ressurecting a rotting corpse of a franchise they abused and tortured from the last release)

  • I’m been playing the beta for about 2 days now. It’s not bad. Not great either. Once your command center hits level 10 the game slows down. So right now most people are at level 10 and awaiting the opportunity to start attacking their neighbors.

  • I’ve been playing it for about a week now, and I agree with That Teemoa. It’s a pretty good game to waste a few minutes during the day. Like JediKilla said, the game slows right down when you get towards level 10, so much so that you only have to login once or twice a day to keep up. It makes a relaxing change from most of the massive multiplayer games I’ve tried which require your attention for every second of the day.
    Honestly though I’ve been a fan of command and conquer for too long so my opinion is probably a bit biased, this game did get me to reinstall CnC3 though. Never did buy CnC4.

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