Commodore Relaunches The Amiga... Kinda

I was never a Commodore 64 guy, I had a Spectrum, but I have a massive soft spot for the Commodore Amiga, which is the computer I upgraded to after the Speccy. So this little Amiga branded release from Commodore sort of tickles my nostalgia bone, but at the same time disappoints me.

You may remember Commodore's re-release of the Commodore 64 — in a full retro C64 shell, featuring Linux based emulation of classic games. This Amiga re-release is similar, but it's been shoe horned into a strange little box that bears no resemblance to the original Amiga, which totally negates the nostalgia factor. It still runs the emulator, as you'd expect, and is — technologically — a pretty beefy machine, but I don't understand the design at all. It's called the Amiga Mini.

Anyway, here are the specs of the machine.

- A massive 16 Gigs of fast DD3 memory. - Integrated nVidia Geforce GT 430 Graphics with 1 Gig of DD3 memory. - The ability to drive 3 monitors displays. - HDMI, 2-Dual DVI and DisplayPort output. (includes VGA adaptor) - 7.1 channel high definition sound. - 6 Gb/s SATA for incredibly fast HD reads. - 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports for exceptional external data access. - A slot loading Blu-ray drive that can also write DVDs. - 2 WiFi antennae for outstanding signal reception. - A 1 Tb Hard Disk to store video and personal data. - Optional 300 or 600 Gb SSD drive for lightning quick load times.

Pretty substantial.

Also worth noting that Commodore has updated its C64 re-release with better components.

You can find more information about both here.


    Pass. I woulda if it were in an original amiga case but... pass.

      When you say original Amiga case, do you mean the A500? Or the A1000. Because the A1000 was the original, but it just looked kind of like a standard, boring, desktop PC of the time.

      Time for them to bring back the CDTV, I say! It was just way ahead of its time! Its time is now!

    So, it's a PC based Mac Mini, with Commodore Amiga branding. Does Apple not hold rights to this case design?

      If Apple was capable of protecting it's case designs half of the ultra books being released of late would never hit store shelves.

        YES they would have because if i remember correctly Apple didnt invent aluminum casing. pretty sure sony had one out before they did. Wouldnt surprise me if there is another company that had one even earlier.

          didnt really proof read there. What i mean is that they would be able to release ultrabooks because apple wasnt the first.

    My first computer was an Amiga 500. It effectively launched my love affair with video games. My commodore 64 friends were so jealous, it was a such a boss machine.

      The games on that system were so amazing. Many good times playing Silkworm and International Karate were had by my self and friends. Not to mention Rick Dangerous etc.. etc..

        Damn straight. Amiga500 was my first computer too, also launched my love for games.

        IKC, Cabal, Rick Dangerous!

        oh man I forgot all about rick dangerous. loved that game

          Loved Rick Dangerouse 1 and 2.. We all petition for a part 3

      Canon Fodder, Gods, Hudson Hawk, Blues Brothers.... I could go on forever.

      Bitmap Brothers, Psygnosis, Bullfrog, Sensible Software......


        Man all the top studios came out of the UK back in the day.

        Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge: password - PEA SOUP

          Did you know about the subliminal DRM in that Lotus game?

            Yess! "Do not copy this game" at ultra low volume

    Man, I loved my Amiga. If it was in the original casing it would be hard to resist.

    I don't think that you need all that power to run Amiga games. My original A600 had 2MB of RAM (granted it was upgraded from 1MB). It could run most games that were branded as A1200-Only due to the RAM capacity..

    Pity the emulator has never run properly on my PC.

    My childhood just flashed before my eyes.

    No a500 case??? What is the point? Does it have a3.5 drive? I still have amigas - my monitor still works

    Oh man, I remember getting a 512k ram upgrade for our Amiga 1000. Way outclassed PCs of the day.

    I'm guessing the naming scheme and design is ala Mac Mini, but for $1500!! are you f'n kiddin me?!

    That's it, I'm firing up WinUAE post haste!!
    Rick Dangerous first, then Gods, then SWIV, then maybe one of the Gremlin Graphics games

      Nostalgia overload - I think I need a bit of a lie down

    Unless I'm missing something, I'm guessing this would be running Amiga OS 4.0 and is a totally new Amiga computer instead of something that's meant to be an old Amiga.

    (I've been keeping an occasional eye on Amiga developments over the last decade, this computer should have been out years ago)

      It's a regular PC, not an Amiga.... So no Amiga OS4, but it does run Commodore OS which is a branded linux dist.

        It's lynux os emulating amiga roms.

    It's not even supposed to be a nostalgia toy. No-one seems to have actually looked at the website.

    " Commodore USA's goal is to provide modern Personal Computer hardware, unencumbered by the legacy constraints of classic hardware and software"

      Even though I was raised by an Amiga 500, and even if this thing was a nostalgia toy, I'd still be glad it didn't come in an original Amiga case. Those things were ugly and space-hungry even at the time, and the world does not need more things like them to be manufactured.
    yeah baby.

    Ohhh yes I had the original Amiga 500 with 2nd floppy and 1Meg RAM, I was one of the few.
    Will keep my eye on this, may be a little too late.
    Just last night I have been trying some emulators to see some old games, but wow the loading times are simply terrible now.

    Specs are decent enough wondering what operating system looks like?
    What games will they have?
    Any pictures of specific devices keyboard, mouse, joypad?
    Will they have an army of programers to rework the old games to run on such a machine fast?
    Will they have a download store to sell these old and new games?

      OS will look like whatever you put on it, so probably Windows.
      It will have whatever games come with the OS, so probably Solitaire.
      No pictures of peripherals, because there are no specific peripherals for it.
      They won't rework the old games.
      No download store.

    You listed the specs.... but you didn't list the CPU.....

    Also, 16GB of ram, but only a geforce 430? Unless your using this as a server hosting a bunch of VM's, that amount of ram is just overkill.....
    Or they are going for the CAD/professional market..... which is strange. The Amiga brand is recognised in the enthusiast community, would make sense to actually make it something decent. This seems like such a waste for the name...

    And yes, A500 was my first PC also! :-D

    Still have A500 in a cupboard, plus hard drive which is a massive 20mb. Also with 3mb RAM (half-meg ram pack in the belly, 2mb of 256kb chips in slots in the hard drive pack ). Was my main word processor up until my second year of uni when I finally got a PC... I think the Vic20 is somewhere in the shed too...

    This thing however is not worthy of the Amiga name, unfortunately.

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