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Man Kudos, I've got a lot of them this week. Including a few from some first time nommers. Let's get this nom nom party started.

I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.

The Braaaaaains — he doesn't post that much in TAY, but he's a massive part of our non-TAY community, always dropping the knowledge. He's been nommed on many an occasion (usually by Strange) for his top notch remarks on stories throughout the week. Personally? I always enjoy his stuff!

He dropped his first nomination this week, and this is proof that your nominations do matter!

When I got home last Friday night I was coming off possibly the shittiest 24 hours of my entire life, but when I checked the site and read Community Kudos I noticed that I got nommed by Strange. To be honest I’m not even sure exactly what for as I thought I’d been a bit less active on the site than usual last week due to other things going on :P But it certainly helped my frame of mind a little. So yeah, I’d like to nom Strange because her nom last week was the only positive thing to take out of what was a very bad day or two for me.

And speaking of Strange, she went on a NOM RAMPAGE, but special consideration went to Shiggy.

For me personally, it's been a great week. Shane sent me Fahrenheit and Book 2 of his The Lesser Evil series. And then there's BDKIAF who's sending me Ico/Shadow of The Colossus. And to top it all off Blaghman, Greenius, RedArtifice, Welbot, Bish, NovaCascade, AlexPants and even Yellowius indulged my need for being cheered up and pretty much made my week. Arghh, everyone is too awesome!

Wait, I have it! I think my nomination is going have to go to ShiggyNinty. His Kool Animalz Week shenanigans in 'While you Were Sleeping' ensured that my day always started in a fun way. Although if I never have to spell cool animals that way again it will be too soon. :P Yep, I hereby nominate Shiggy the Bacon King for this week's Kudos.

That guy sure loves bacon.

Greenius wisely put his Kotaku name in the subject line, because I stupidly used his real name last week. Sorry! This week he shot out nominations for Fled and Blaghman for sorting him out with Club Nintendo points.

I quite liked Cody's noms...

— Blaghman for being on TAY at 8.30 in the morning. — Shane for being a "pleasant, and just all round chilled dude." — And Effluvium Boy because \o/

I had a nomination from TRJN (who is awesome at coin tricks by the way) for Rocketpony, who seems to be having a tough week.

Masha 2932 dropped her very first noms — Strange for adding her on PSN, and also nominated Freeze for giving her a 250GB HDD for her PS3! In her words she was "floored by the kindness and awesomeness of the Kotaku AU community."

Me too!

Scree dropped a nomination for Negative Zero for gifting her a spare Madoka Magica Nendoriod. I have no idea what that means, but YEAH NEGATIVE ZERO! Oh, and Virus as well, for putting up with her "whining on Steam"!

However, this week there was a clear winner, and that winner was Cakesmith. Here are some testimonials to his greatness.

Greenius Over the weekend he talked to some of his buddies over at EBgames and helped me and some others out by trying to get us all jobs at EB.

He also came up with Community Gaming nights and went through a lot of effort to organise the whole thing.

AND he also went on a free game give-away spree yesterday!

So mega kudos to him!

Masha 2932 First of all I want to nominate Cakesmith. It was this guys birthday this week and as he happily accepted birthday wishes from the community he flipped convention and instead of accepting gifts he actually gave out games instead. And not just any games, he gave out two copies of Portal 2, a copy of shogun 2 and two copies of spell force universe . I was the lucky recipient of the shogun 2 copy but I was floored by his kindness.

Powalen Hi Mark! Here is a Kudos nom!

Cakesmith! For taking the time to organise community multiplayer gaming nights in TAY and making sure that everybody had a say while he was planning them. Hopefully they really catch on

Scree Nominations!Cakesmith for gifting me a copy of Portal 2. It's about time I got it and it's huge help to have someone give it to me. The generosity of TAY is great \o/

Bish Nom for Cakesmith, because apparently it was his birthday (who knew!?), he got over-gifted, and then re-gifted some Steam games out to many people. Also he ate some cakes, and that is something I can respect.

Everybody loves Cakesmith!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Even Nicolas Cage wants Cake(Smith)

    Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Gratz Cakesmith, keep smithing those cakes.

    And Mark, I agree, Coke Zero is terribad.

    Holy smokes, is that the most noms for one person in a single week ever? Congrats Cakesmith, well deserved. Happy birthday :)


    Strange...why am I in that list? I don't recall doing anything special..?

      oh and Hippo Biffday again.. and congrats on teh kudos cakesmith! :) Sounds like you've had a ripper week!


      You made a terribad joke that made me smile.
      I'm sure I'll have a better reason to Nom you next week. ;)

        ahh one of those "I'm too ashamed to admit I laughed at that" kind of jokes? ;)

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday yet again, Cakesmith. :D

    Oh, and Braaains...I keep nominating you because you're awesome. :)

    Congratulations Cakesmith \o/
    =D I hope this made your day

    Crap! Forgot to nom!

    Funnily enough, it was for Cakesmith for giving me a 50% off AssCreeRev voucher :P

    Go Cake!

    Go Cakesmith, go!

    Also I don't remember cheering you up Lady Strange but I am glad to help! Also I like how you're in at least one tag every week!

      Wouldn't be Kudos without a Strange tag. Its just not cricket

    Grats to all, also Scree you don't whine! =D

    Also - Ynefel = Cody. Sorry Mark, totally forgot to mention it!

    But gratso to the Cakeman!

      Haha that was the 2nd time he said "Joel" instead of Greenius :D

      Funny how after mentioning that he says your name.


      Bish wins next week for this comment!

    Oh man I missed this yesterday,. congrats Cakey.

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