Community Review: Journey

Community Review: Journey

I think I may have gushed over this one enough, so now it’s your chance! Journey came out late last week, but it’s a relatively short game and I’m guessing plenty of you have played through the entire thing — possibly more than once — so what did you think?

Personally, it was probably one of the most rewarding video game experiences I’ve ever had, and it’s completely accessible and well designed. In addition to playing it myself, I watched my wife — who rarely plays anything except Draw Something — and she completely fell in love with it.

I’m really keen to hear your experiences — let us know in the comments below.


  • It’s gorgeous, I love it. I downloaded it last night. I only played it for about an hour before I had to go to bed because I had work today, but I loved every second of it. It was so peaceful and enjoyable to play, too.

      • “I only played it for about an hour before I had to go to bed because I had work today.”


        Anyway, I’m assuming the game doesn’t stay peaceful and calming, I did actually get up to the cave level with the monsters and such.

  • Still haven’t had a chance to play it and I’ve started avoiding reviews and whatnot so that I can come into this with as little knowledge (and more importantly few expectations) as possible.

    With all the gushing, it’s going to be hard to avoid disappointment so a black out is pretty much the only way to make sure I enjoy myself.

    That or it turns out to be amazeballs.

  • Questions – do I want to play this in one sitting? And is it better with a guide, or does it kind of spoil the puzzles?

    • Puzzles? Ain’t no puzzles. Just rub yourself on things to win. Seriously if you need a guide to get through it then you should give up at gaming. Also, I’d go for one sitting. I found it was one of those great little one sitting experiences, last one I enjoyed this much was Limbo. Amazing game, if you own a PS3 and don’t get it you’re a terrible person.

        • Ahhh, my mistake. In that case yeah, it’s much better with a guide, like I said there’s no real puzzles anyway so it’s pretty hard for them to be spoiled. The ending is especially great with a buddy.

  • Yeah this game is amazing. A too teared up at the end from happiness and wanting to hug the companion that had been with me through the entire experience. Playing through it felt like when I first played Portal, it’s short but perfect, like a great film. And somehow it’s quite emotionally moving. I recommend playing through it in one sitting.

    It’s the most fun I’ve had playing a game in a long time. I’m going to replay it tonight and try to earn my white cloak.

  • Even though I got it early through PS Plus, only got a chance to sit down with it yesterday.

    I didn’t stand up until I’d finished.

    The multiplayer aspect is fantastically well done. Met up with someone. Jumped around for a bit. Lost them. Oh, heres someone else! Lets chime at each other ( on this: did anyone else find that a single noise allowed for a surprisingly effective communication?).

    And they way it looked. Just wow.

    There will be many more playthroughs.

  • It’s like Hayao Miyazaki decided he’s going to start making video games, and he made one about a nomad.
    Clocked it in one sitting, was mesmerised the whole time!

    • Been trying to figure out a way to describe it since I first finished it last week (was recommending it to a friend, but couldn’t find the words), and you’ve hit the nail on the head. It pretty much feels like a Hayao Miyazaki movie…
      Finished it the first time in one sitting, started again straight away – couldn’t resist. It’s easily the best looking game I’ve seen in a long time, and very evocative. The camaraderie you feel with random people you meet in the world, and the sense of loneliness when you part ways… The audio complementing the visuals at all times… And the sand… just.. wow.
      I wish I knew more people with PS3s so I could tell them to play this game!

  • I loved it, enough to make me write a reader review for it. It’s the most memeorable game I’ve played in ages. Did you get the review Mark?

  • I think the gushing and “I was moved to tears” reviews did spoil it a little bit for me, but it’s still a beautiful game. I’ve completed it and going for the white robe/trophies. I do think it gets better with each playthrough, especially online. I really want to get the white robe then help everyone I can on their Journey.

  • This game was one of the most personal and moving experiences that I have ever come across and that includes all other forms of media.

    Sat down on Friday night with no one to bother me and started playing, and played throught the whole thing in one sitting.

    Possible spoilers ahead: It all started innocently, taking in the views that the this beautiful game offered and getting a feel for the controls. It didn’t become special until I met a fellow traveller. They were to busy trying to reach one of shiny scarf extended things (I have no idea what they are called) to notice me but I watched for a little while til they noticed I was there. From that point onwards we travelled together, solving the simple puzzles and avoiding the dangerous dragon-like beings.

    What I did not expect was the feeling of attachment to the other player. Certain points in the game really solidify this. In a certain underground section, my playing partner decided to run ahead alittle, not knowing that the dragons in this section could attack you if you came within their light. I could only watch on as the dragon struck and thought they were gone for good and I would be continuing alone. Fortunately, I saw the faint white glow which indicated their presence and they came crawling back and followed me from that point onwards (possibly feeling a little ashamed that they ran ahead). It was s great relief, not because I lost someone who could help me succeed in this game, but becuase I thought I had lost someone I had actually grown an attachment to. Other highlights were climbing the snowy peak near the end of the game and seeing my partner collapse in front of me. It was heartbreaking, we had come this far but it appeared we had done something wrong and were not going to reach the mountain. But when reborn and shot up into the sky, and to find my partner still alive, no signs to each other could signify how happy I was to see that they were ok (and they seemed to feel the same way). Even the casual games of one-upmanship signals (I beep once, you beep twice, I beep three times and so on) help grow what was a bond I would not have really expected.

    End Spoilers: Even though it was short and quite expensive considering, I would still recommend it as no movie, book or song has given me an experience quite like it. I’m not sure I even want to go back and play it again, in fear that it may ruin the experience.

    (Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors, at work and little time to write).

    • The climb up the peak really did make you bond with your partner. Darting from stone to stone together huddling in the faint glow you give one another…

      The partner I had from the underground section onwards added me as a friend straight after we finished. We’ll probably be best pals now.

  • I got the game taking all the gushing praise with a grain of salt.
    After completing the game, I have to say this; believe the hype.
    Yes this game is that good.

  • Sorry, but I think it’s completely overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game and looks amazing. But you teared up at the end, really?! One of the most rewarding video game experiences you’ve ever had? Come on! I finished it in one sitting, I enjoyed it and then I moved on but it didn’t have any great emotional experience on me and I haven’t thought about since.

    • I’m with you on this one Adam. I was frothing at the mouth to play this game after the beta and the full version did not disappoint. Fantastic game and I thought it was great.

      That said the ’emotional impact’ people are getting from this leaves me a bit baffled. The message behind this game isn’t very complicated. It’s quite straight forward. You get just about everything you need from the game from its title in that regard. The characters by design are almost non existent. A simple premise executed in an exceptional way.

      To that end how people are reading so much into a story that isn’t there leaves me scratching my head. I think there is an issue of filling the blanks in and imagining a deeper story or characterisation that doesn’t exist. To become so involved in an idea or concept vs actual story/characters to invest in is…. over committing to say the least IMO.

      • I don’t think it’s over committing. I think it’s the way the game was intended to be played. A story you feel as opposed to one you get spoon fed. Going out of your way to find all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together; the difference between a solo journey or one with a companion; taking pride in the length of your scarf, only to lose it; all of these type of things combine to make the experience the story.

        People aren’t reading too much into a story that isn’t there, they’re writing their own stories with every step they take, forming an emotional connection with the game and their companions.

        • The depth you describe you can put into anything. If you can read that much into it then I think I’m beginning to understand why someone can be moved to tears watching a rainbow screaming ‘what does it mean?’.

          I did play the game. I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the mechanics, world, aesthetic etc. My issue is and continues to be the ‘moved to tears’ and ‘most effect experience of my life’ demographic that is coming out of the woodwork for this title. I don’t think the title deserves that kind response.

      • I just want to make sure that you both played with other people and not offline?. Because I can’t imagine having even a tenth of the same experience without going through it with another person.

        There is a pretty interesting story and mythology in my opinion – it’s not huge but then neither is the game itself.

        The emotional impact wasn’t really from the story at all, it was from the art and music and sharing the experience with another player. The same way a sunrise can be moving if you’re in the right frame of mind. Played in one sitting, the spacing of the highs and lows throughout the game, through the music, speed of gameplay and visuals all came together for me to make a brilliantly emotive experience.

    • I did play it through in one sitting and I did play it online. Others were there at various times. But I didn’t cry or feel any profound emotional impact.

  • I just finished it for my second time about 20 minutes ago. My first time through I didn’t really stick with anyone for even a level because I had to keep getting up for my son, but this time I was with the same person for the last few levels and it was a completely different experience.

    Last night my husband was playing it, and my 3-year-old son kept telling him to “stop playing Mummy’s game!”. 😛

  • Has anyone else not encountered a single other player? I’ve only played through it once but I didn’t connect with anyone the entire time, despite making sure I was connected and signed in and doing everything I could think of that might help.

    • I encountered 7 people while playing last night. It’s funny cause I only saw 3 people with me along my whole Journey.

  • Great game, bought it last Wednesday evening. Completed it in one sitting with my wife.

    Will get around to playing it a second time soon, as there are more secrets to find and pickup. Had some great moments with another player, but ended up losing and refinding other players throughout, which did make for a depressing end to the game being all alone.

    Still amazing game that somehow just makes co-op work. Maybe just because the game is so simple people can’t be idiots, or maybe it is the type of game that doesn’t attract inconsiderate players.

    Well worth the purchase.

  • I was a little let down, probably because of all the gushing. It definitely gives you an experience only a video game could, but the level design felt so similar to Flower that it just turned me off early on.

  • Been a long time since a game gave me pins and needles. Memorable moment was sliding across the sand dunes on a vertical view where the backdrop was the mountain. That moment was jaw dropping. Too bad I couldn’t take a screenshot and use it as my PS3 wallpaper until the Vita. 🙁

    Will definitely be returning the Journey again and again and again…

  • I was engrossed in Journey and I felt it tied strongly with their previous game, Flower. Both games have the levels follow a certain pattern. Lively level, slowly progresses to darker themed levels like the monsters scenes and then the final level where everything is restored; story through level design is brilliant.

    What stood out for me was how the game was designed for a purer multiplayer play; no chat, just you and someone else; didn’t matter who. I met several people on my first playthrough and we helped each other out; something you don’t see often today with the rise of’lone wolf FPSes’.

  • (medium spoilers)

    Finished it last night, and am actually wanting to play it again to try and find
    potential hidden stuff and to get some more achievements.. But not just for that sole purpose alone.

    Yesterday when I downloaded it, I poured myself a JD & Coke (Drink responsibly kids! Too much and you WILL barf!) and set off on this Journey everyone has been talking about.

    A few JD & Coke’s into the game and I am like screaming at the tv: ‘Wooohoooooo!!!!! Goooo you sand-sliding Jawa!!! Nooo watch out for that flying dude with one eye!!! C’mon buddy we can make it up the hill! Just a few steps more!! Don’t DIEE!! Noooo!!!

    Once I finished I realized something.. That what I just played is not only a work of art, but I also just had the best gaming experience since a long while, wanting to have more. I was saddened it was so short, but then again so was Flower. That was probably the only thing . I am reborn now. You’d think it would be stupid spending hours trying to go up a hill only to end up at the start again.

    ..But I want to climb the hill again tonight! 🙂

    Seriously freaking amazing game!!

  • Journey provided me with the very first time that I have ever actually enjoyed a Co-Op game so much that I felt genuinely concerned and invested in my partner. A faceless and nameless human being that could have been anywhere on the planet was, in those two hours, my companion and friend.

    It sounds silly and overblown, but for me playing Journey for the first time was pretty magical.

    I wanna type out a ton of detail and record every moment, but I guess I should just keep it at that.

  • Played through it a 2nd time, and even though I knew what was ahead, my
    2nd journey was totally different. I was more helpful to my companions along the way
    showing them how to get to certain places etc. Tried different places to slide down from, etc.

    Plus my scarf is probably 10 times longer than I first played the game haha,
    I’m surprised I haven’t got tangled in or tripped over it yet it’s that long!
    (yes. I’ve been looking to find ALL scarf-growing thingies gentlemen!)

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