Community Review: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Until I played Journey, I'm almost embarrassed to say that my game of 2012 so far was a HD remake of an eight year old game: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Have any of you guys managed to pick up the MGS HD Collection yet? How did you find it?

So far I've played a fair amount of the HD Collections released this generation, but this MGS effort is by far my favourite, with the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus one coming in a distant second. The reason for this is relatively simple — Metal Gear Solid 3 is a practically infinitely replayable video game.

Interestingly, while MGS2 has actually aged pretty badly, MGS3 — in HD, at 60 FPS — still looks and feels absolutely fantastic. In a lot of ways I still prefer it to MGS4.

It's just the depth of the environments, the multiple different ways it allows players to approach each situation. MGS3 truly is a game that responds to every prod and poke you make in the world, and that is just so rewarding. And the boss battles, oh dear lord the boss battles. Currently I'm facing The End, which is arguably the greatest boss battle of all time, but even previous encounters with the other Cobras in MGS3 have been memorable.

Anyway, that's enough from me. What do you guys think? Anyone managed to pick up the MGS HD Collection yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.


    Funny thing is that the end is the easiest of the boss battles. For those who don't know, you can kill the end as he sleeps in his wheelchair straight after the cutscene when you first see him. If you have the SVD (Which you aquire before this part, shoot him about 3 or 4 times before he has a chance to get away and Voila! He is dead. also, watch out for the wheel...

      You can also turn off your console during his fight and come back in 2 weeks (or forward the clock by 2 weeks).

        I beat him via sleep on accident the first time through. I thought it was awesome and so MGS. I did load an earlier save to fight him properly though.

      Come on guys, let the end have his final hunt. It's amazing.

      Or put in the konami code to show his position

      The beauty is the battle is so much fun that it is not worth it killing him any other way than the proper way.

    lovin it. Although I think the control scheme for MGS3 feels a little outdated now. I suggest going into the controls on the options menu and going through everything to re-familiarize with it. I didn't realize d-pad was sneak till about half way through...
    MGS3 is still an excellent game though. I killed the end in an earlier section while he was in his wheelchair, but decided to reload and let him live because the battle with him is awesome.

    i'm yet to play the other 2 games

    I imported it last year from the states.

    I've been loving it so ridiculously much. MGS2, while clearly dated, was still super enjoyable.

    I'd never had a chance to have a proper run at Peacewalker, so playing that through was great, very different, but great. I've played a lot of coop online too and it works really well.

    And well, 3. It's all been said.

    For the price, its a huuuuge amount of value. I've been reccomending it to everyone based on this alone.

      You've pretty much said what I was going to, so I'll just nod in agreement. :)

    Finally finished MGS3 last night, but i missed a single snake so now i'm stuck at 90% of the trophies..looks like a replay is in order.

    Still have the originals. Doesn't bother me playing them in 576 pixels.

    Complete MGS noob- is it really worth grabbing? I almost feel like it couldn't reach the expectations I've placed on it.
    Might be the reason I can't force myself to play Half Life 1&2

      The problem with MGS is that you really have to be aware of what you're getting yourself into. Not all the games are pick-up and play. It would be best to start with MGS1 (or remake on Gamecube). Failing that, MGS3 is also a good start (although you will not get the time paradox joke).

        Jokes. There was definitely more than one way to do it.

    Thoroughly enjoying it, the other thing with MGS3 is that it has MG1 and MG2 in it, so you're really getting like 5 games! so much Metal Gear on the one disc, this is how all HD collections should be done.

    Un preparation for this collection I played though Metal Gear Solid 1 and despite the graphics loved it. I just finished MGS2 HD last night and I absolutely enjoyed ever second and I did think it did look amazing. Maybe in comparison to MGS3/4 it looks dated but I thought visually and gameplay wise it was a fantastic game. Bring on MGS3 and Peace Walker. This is easily the best HD collection.

    There's nothing really that bad about MGS2's graphics, why is it always brought up in articles on kotaku? It still stands on it's own legs more than some newer games and was trailblazing on the PS2.

    Apologies for spelling mistakes above - In preparation for this collection I played though Metal Gear Solid 1 and despite the graphics loved it. I just finished MGS2 HD last night and I absolutely enjoyed ever second and (to me) it visually looked amazing. Maybe in comparison to MGS3/4 it looks dated but I thought graphics and gameplay wise it was a fantastic game. Bring on MGS3 and Peace Walker. This is easily the best HD collection.

    I wish they updated MGS3 with MGS4's control scheme.

    This game is still awesomely EPIC!
    Controls took me abit to remember but how i love this game oh so much! trophiy support mates it super fun


    I'm currently playing through MGS2. Glad to hear it just gets better!

    If you want to buy the Ltd Ed, you can for ~$80.

    With a 4GBP coupon (VCUK4OFF40), it comes to a touch over $80.

      I haven't played the HD remakes yet, but saw the box in JB. It's HUGE and it's SOOOO beautiful. :)


    Only complaint i have about the HD remake is that it really shows you how dated the controls for the game can feel. Don't know how many times i've gotten caught/shot because Snake can't move while crouched. Other then that, loving it. Really need to sit down and put some decent time into the games, and be bothered saving it.

    Having played significant parts of the 1st MGS (just after Sniper Wolf) and Peace Walker (up to Chapter 5), but never having finished any of them, out of boredom for Peace Walker and frustration for MGS, would you recommend the HD Collection? I hear a lot of good things about MGS3, but maybe something about the Metal Gear (Metal Gear?!) games just don't gel with my tastes?

    I am LOVING this collection so far, originally played MGS2 on PC (BIG mistake, mouse adaption is awful), played through that now and am onto 3.
    Considering they included MG1 and 2, I am intensely dissappointed they didn't include MGS 1. This could have been the difinitive MGS collection but for this minor exception.
    I love the fact they included all the easter eggs and I think for the play style the control system holds up really well.
    Especially liked seeing the "orange box" in MGS2.

    I have never played any game in this series and never will which makes my scoring that much harded.

    For fan's of the series, you will love it. 3 HD'd classic games for $50.
    9 out of 10

    For the rest of us, More of the same from that Snakey guy, repackaged for fans, see above. If you don't like it now, you never will, maybe. (also has cut scenes long enough for you to get the shopping done)
    6 out of 10

    Another MGS fan here. I've got every game Metal Gear Solid game to date except MGS4 (which I used to own but stupidly sold). The HD collection is awesome, playing Snake Eater again brings back so many memories.

    I even downloaded MGS1 and while the graphics are obviously very outdated, the game is still so much fun to me. The amount of nostalgia is phenomenal. Every little sound brings back memories.

    Also have the God of War collection, as well as GOW3 and have ICO & SotC HD on the way!

    I've only played through the tanker section of MGS2 so far in the new collection. Still holds up beautifully, but the controls are just a bit shit.

    They really should have updated Portable Ops for this collection. Hugely underrated.

    I'm gonna get it on 3DS instead. I've never been able to progress through MGS3 because I had neough of the god awful controls and the lying down bullshit; stupidest feature of MGS.
    If they updated the controls for both MGS2 and 3, it would've been a definite purchase for me. Also, if they included Twin Snakes (no idea why this remake is so loathed), it would've been an instant purchase. So, no buy and imo, a wasted opportunity.

      Its loathed because they incorporated MGS2 gameplay features into it which made Twin Snakes way too easy. First person shooting amongst other things ruined more than a few boss fights.

        I never found it a problem

    Before the HD collection, I'd never played an MGS game. Got the collector's edition - love the artbook, so beautiful.
    So far I've beaten MGS2 and started MGS3 - seriously worth the money. While Serrels is right with MGS2 not ageing overly well, it's still very playable, and MGS3 is looking superb.

    I got the US collectors edition thinking we would be ripped off the book etc. Anyway MGS 2 controls can be jarring if you last played it 10 years ago but other than that all the games are fantastic. why are there not more fleshed out story AND gameplay wise games. its only ever one or the other.

    Picked up the limited Edition only have 3 complaints 1. The t-shirt was a medium should of been large 2. why give a empty steel case why not just put the disk in the case during packaging 3. The drop in frame rate during alert phase in some area's and fighting Volgin on top of the shagohod of mgs3 is horrible especially when we were told the delay for pal regions was to get the game running perfect at 60 fps.

    On the positive side all the games look amazing and the art book is brilliant.

    I just wonder why twin snakes couldn't be added or for the PlayStation version the original mgs. would of been good to have them all in one box

    I'm going to pick up the Vita version that drops in May.

    And then proceed to play nothing else for the rest of the year, probably.

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