Community Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

In the furore surrounding Mass Effect 3, I had almost forgotten about this little guy, sat in the corner, still in his wrapper, whimpering. Maybe we should all make some time for Street Fighter X Tekken.

From my brief dalliances with Street Fighter X Tekken, I enjoyed it. The game doesn't really have much 'Tekken' in it, to be perfectly honest. Sure, it has Tekken characters in it, and the pace of the game has been slowed down, but this game is pure Street Fighter, which suits me fine, as it's definitely my favourite of the two games.

It's a 2D fighting game in the vein of Street Fighter IV which, in my mind, is probably the greatest fighting game of this generation. That's all well and good, but you wonder how long Capcom can get away with shoehorning new characters into what is essentially a very similar game. Street Fighter X Tekken takes very few risks.

And the few risks it does take, have had dubious results.The addition of 'Gems' — game modifiers that allow players to focus on different types of strengths in game — have come under criticism from some areas of the fighting game community. I for one think it's quite clever, and I'm looking forward to investing more time into finding solid combinations.

It's really hard to go wrong with Street Fighter X Tekken. It takes the foundation of a solid fighter and adds new components that differentiate it just enough so that it feels like a fresh experience.

That's my quickly written two cents — what do you guys think so far?


    Game is great. So much fun using the Tekken characters and punishing fireballs. Cant wait for Dudley and other DLC characters.

    inb4 'ill wait for ultimate super sf x tekken complete edition' (even though theyve been doing that since sfII, and stated this will be the only physical copy of the game.)

      Oh hey, good news! You already own those DLC characters!

    My next-door-neighbour picked it up and is absolutely loving it!

    I'm sticking with UMvC3, though

    It's meant to be Street Fighter biased, the game that is Tekken biased [Tekken x Street Fighter, which will inevitably get confusing] is still a couple of years off, popular opinion stating that its so the SFxT and Tekken Tag 2 games get shelf life before another competing title. It was never slated to be a balanced approach, merely 'if you did those characters in our engine what would happen'.

    It does plenty to the formula, really, but it's pretty subtle unless you are a 'serious fan'. It removes the 'Focus attack' system of SF4, which was one of its defining/polarising gimmicks and puts more emphasis on lengthy combos and loops. It plays like Marvel vs Capcom almost moreso than SF4. That said the tag system plays a lot more like Tekken Tag, and is the better for it. It also changed the super system, making them less significant but in the process made meter use on ex or tag combos more prominent, so it works.

    Tekken characters aren't too bad in the conversion though their propensity for stances and lack of projectiles compared to the SF4 characters makes the cast a little polarised playing style wise. I'd personally have liked to have seen the Tekken characters made 'more street fighter', with wave kicks and adoogans and whatever, but ce la vie, and they tend to have a lot of target combos so it is not as if they are weaker. SF4 characters play similarly, albeit a lot easier to do silly things and a lot more forgiving input wise.

    Gem and Pandora are both considered eye rollers because they feel particularly tacked on. The Pandora system is just a rage gimmick and whilst nice in principal is not all that functional. The Gems polarise because they are not all that consistent. If it were just a set stock of gems fine, but DLC rears it's ugly head and we have balance issues as a result. If both were removed no one would notice.

    Whilst the inevitable wave of pseudoinfinites, infinites, glitches and etc have come to surface after the release [though nothing will ever compare to SFvsXmen so we can't really complain] the game is still pretty fun and does a good job of having a very distinct flavour. Will be interesting to see how the expanded cast and patch affect the game.

    No Leo though. So yeah, not impressed.

    I hate it. Played it a few times and now have it listed up on ebay.

    Too cartoony, too flashy, hate the graphics, the feel is sloppy and footsies is very average. I'm staying loyal to SF4. That's my game.

      I agree. I picked it up during launch with excitement. But the linking combo system sorta pulled me away from it. Simple to pull off. But it took away from the sf4 gameplay. No more more real footsies. Pacing of the game is different since it feels like the whole thing is a whoever hits who first gets a chance to pull off a devastatin g combo. Sf had it to a point at which pulling off a simple cr light cr short cr light cr medium to fireball was simple yet more advanced combo with everything based on timing. Now anyone ca. Do a linking combo. I also felt sf allowed pacing of the game with rush downs etc. But there was nothin more awesome then knowing you were able to catch someone off guard with an fadc and understanding the timing and skill it put into the gameplay rather then a person busting out a light medium fierce fierce combo and getting a call out character to join.

    I got it, its fun, in short bursts, but UmVc3 is still my prefered fighting game.

    My only problem with this game, is the "DLC", its all on the disk already, we just have to pay to unlock it..
    Which is sad, because it really is an enjoyable fighting game (from what I have played at a friend’s place).. and one I was actually really looking forward too.. I just don’t like rewarding game companies for bad, and evil, practices of DLC.
    The excuse of “to save hard drive space” is weak at best, when you pay for a game disc, you pay for everything on that disk. If you want to do DLC after game release, that’s fine, most people love DLC with new characters, I know I do. But I am not going to be paying for something I technically already bought.

    DLC is just starting to get messy, With EA, Activision and Capcom all running for “Evil King of DLC”

    A few things that really pissed me off with this title. Firstly the online is horrible with the sound all out of sync, and secondly the lack of online split-screen vs on xbox 360. On-disc dlc didn't bother me with Gears 3 cause i felt it was justified and that the base game was generous and finished, but i just cant overlook it in this case. Also kind of annoyed all the SF4 characters have exactly the same they'll charge a ridiculous amount for alternates soon! Capcom have really damaged there name with their recent slew of underwhelming titles!

    Im new to the online gaming world. But have played the offline version of this game alot and think its cool. The gems while usefull are just a gimmick that dont add any real substance to the game. The tekken characters just play like street fighter characters so its not really a cross over. Im sure in the tekken x stf will do the same and be totally tekken based fighting style.A few years later the two companies(capilising on profits) will make a 3rd version of game a real cross over fighter btw the two. My main problem is that when I play online I can't find any one in Australia to play against. I have to play against overseas players and the lag between when I touch the button and the response on screen is killing me. I get destroyed every game because of this. When I play Call of Duty dont have this problem. ARE fighting games in Australia are so unpopular that there is no point in playing online?

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