Crazy Man Fights Himself In Mortal Kombat

The original Mortal Kombat had such a distinct aesthetic. It was just the digitised character models, it was the way they moved and interacted with one another — so clunky, stiff, unnatural. This fan-made Mortal Kombat parody vid just completely nails that feel!

Created by YouTube user TotalMK, this vid is the culmination of series, but absolutely no context is required — just check it out for the perfectly choreographed fight at the end, which is pure Mortal Kombat.


Thanks Ed for sending it in!


    Oh, he's Australian? So I guess he was probably the most angry when he found out he couldn't play MK9.


      Yep... not only angry but down right batpoop crazy! This dude blew up at WB Games calling them racist against Australians. Been following TMK for a few yers now leading up to MK9, but this guy has lost his way. Complaining non stop rather then doing reviews and embracing the community. Worst of all he then says he's not support MK anymore... so whats the point of me following him?!!! Neo, complete waste of space, used to be a massive fansite for MK, now I'm getting my tasty gossip elsewhere.

    LOL, I remember this guy, he's the one that recieved the BANHAMMER from WB Games.

    I heard he was injured in a house fire a while ago:

      Peter, that video is better than his "outworld tours" video, so funny, what a clown.

    WoW... just... wow :( dude, climb out of your parents basement long enough to get a haircut, get a tan and follow a game worth getting upset about. You couldn't even get teh voice actor from MK for teh announcer. Nice try. If it wasn't lame.

    I actually met this guy when I was covering the Eb expo on the Gold Coast. He was totally stoked that someone recognised him. He had the good grace to pose for a few pictures with me, even though he was aware - I'm assuming he was aware - that I was taking the piss. Nice guy from my brief encounter with him.

    Mortal Kombat II, not the original Mortal Kombat. Also, I think you mean "It WASN'T just the digitised character models...". And there seems to be an article missing in "culmination of series". As for the video, dude needs to sort out how he wants to spell "Kahn".

    Thank you for your time.

    Some nice green screen work, but the credits went as long as the film clip. That and his facial hair looks lad a sad Shang Tsung stole a crappy soul :( Isn't this the dude who runs an MK site that doesn't support MK anymore?

    Worked with him once. Nice enough, though way way way too deep into MK. As evidenced here

    Thanks Kotaku, Glad you liked it!

    Just read some of the comments here and im a bit disapointed. Firstly Cam's comment is totaly twsited. I called WB Racist for there treatment of the fans in Australia it was nothing to do with the game being banned here. They have been treating the fanbase very poorly since aquiring the MK9 licence. I have been promoting the game with Midway since 1999 with no problems but WB don't see our worth.

    Milbo - thought you might of been taking the piss but if I told you to get lost you would of come online and total everyone i was a jerk... so had to go along with it. Strange tho, you were taking photos...

    Anyway if im not a fan would i have made a video like the one above? Give me a break guys. I still play MK but just don't prmote MK9 for WB Games anymore.

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