Creator Of Minecraft Divvies Up $3m Among Employees

Markus 'Notch' Persson announced the act of singular generosity via Twitter: "Before tax, my dividends from Mojang for 2011 was about three million dollars. I chose to distribute that to the other employees." Kotaku anthropologists are guessing a cake will be waiting upon his desk tomorrow morning.


    Why can't he give some of that money to me... If only I could live just a little...

    This is just depressing. Firm I work for made about $100m last fin year but the bonuses are a joke.

    Why does he need to tell the world how generous he is? Publicity? Desire for our love? Make us all jealous perhaps?

    According to Wikipedia, that's about 25 people. That's a hell of a bonus!!!

      Holy shit.. Wow, that's awesome.

      Wow very nice... 25 people?!?! That is one helluva bonus!

      $120,000 dollars... fuck..

        ...Before tax? but still, even after, it's quite a lot.

        Of course he wants to publicly announce it. Who the hell wouldn't want to work at mojang now? lol I'm sure the talents have perked their heads up.

    I don't know why he needs to publically state he's giving them money. Shows low self esteem to try and win public opinion.

      Only on Kotaku AU would you find someone being able to spin giving out $3 million as a bad thing.

        At least it's not a Plunket Article as well :P

      Maybe others will see his generosity and in turn be more generous to their employees. And it's hardly like he could have kept this a secret.

      It's odd, people complain about how wealthy people are greedy and try to keep profits to themselves, neglecting their hard working employees, yet when one actually spreads the wealth among his workers (damn socialist!!!) he's criticized?

      I'd like to think if I was ever in a similar position I'd be generous with my employees.

    I guess it's to clear up any confusion of where the profits went and to create transparency between Mojang and the fans

      Mojang is the new Apple, get on board the hate wagon. Regarding comments about transparency, issue a press release, don't tweet it to the world.

        No, see, Minecraft actually works.

    Does this mean he's not dropping $2M to fund Psychonauts 2?

      he never was.

      it was a joke.

    The guy made a game out of passion and skill. Just maybe he is interested in changing the norm.... Give benefit of the doubt

    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
    While he may like a cake, they should give notch a gym membership instead.

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